Survivor Insights 69: Parvati, the Queen of Heroes vs Villains Immunity Challenges

Who would expect that a model in Perfect 10 Boxing will be the queen of immunity challenges in Heroes vs Villains?

Joining another Survivor All-Star edition, Parvati Shallow, the sole survivor in season 16’s Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs Favorites, became a triple threat since Day One. Everyone wanted her out but never stop giving up on her, Parvati won three immunity challenges during the merge that have tested her endurance and mental power.

Now, still not convinced Parvati is the queen of SURVIVOR? Watch the videos below and tell me what you think.

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains – Immunity Challenge (The Immunity Challenge during the Final Six. It was called “Keep It Stand” and unluckily, I couldn’t find the video in YouTube)

Rewind back… … …

Survivor Heroes vs Villains: Episode 1

Survivor Heroes vs Villains: Episode 2

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Survivor Insights 68: Sandra Wins Survivor Heroes vs Villains

Five Good Reasons Why Sandra Won

1) Sandra has a good fluidity appropriate for the game. Sandra already won SURVIVOR in Season 7 and as expected, that makes her a threat, right? But all things went differently for Sandra. She was sailing through nice and slowly, not winning any challenges but every now and then, she allowed herself to be a part of a ‘powerful’ alliance until she makes the finish line.

2) Sandra’s Tell-Me-Who-You-Want-Out strategy was kept down under which was invisible to the naked eye. During the final four, Russel was the front runner to oust anyone however, he allowed himself to be devoured by his irrational insights, closed a deal with Sandra (who he thought he can beat) and voted out Jerri.

3) Sandra did not hurt anyone. She managed to play a ‘risky and unpredictable’ game but still getting the respect of everyone else. During the announcement, Sandra got three more votes over Parvati. That means, three more people (Candice, JT, Colby) who still respected her although Sandra voted them out.

4) Sandra has nothing to lose. Either she wins a challenge or not, Sandra was regularly digging deep to save her own skin. She wanted others to belittle her. She wanted others to side with her for their advantage. Therefore, her overall game was right in the middle and she executed this plan until she gets to the top once more.

5) Sandra’s power of persuasion was too powerful. Remember that episode when Courtney was supposed to be going home and ended up with Coach? That was all Sandra and Russel bought it with open arms. Is it luck? Yes. Is it strategic? Not exactly. Come on. That was a basic A-B-C lie and quite unacceptable for any experienced castaways to believe it. That only means Russel took the bait and his decision to bring Sandra into the final three handed Sandra the title.

Let me quote what Sandra answered in her interview in Reality News Online with David Bloomberg. She said:

“You can be strong when the tribe is a tribe but the minute you’re an individual, you’re not going to win every challenge. Me being a weak player was strategy. People who want to play should write that down and remember – if you’re strong, be careful. If you’re weak… that’s how I play.”

The Unexpected

Parvati was always in the chopping board since Episode 1. But a lot of things went crazy and help Parvati earned the runner-up title. That was so close. She was only down with three votes. Three more votes to make her the first sole survivor in two seasons. But that’s fine! I am completely satisfied with how Parvati played the entire game.

Three Reasons Why:

1) Parvati is the Immunity Queen of the Season. She won three immunity challenges and two of these in back-to-back. What’s so great about it is, she wins the most important challenges. If she did not win the IC against Rupert, she went home. If she did not outlast Colby during the Final Five IC, she went home. These are the challenges that are vital for her and strategically-wise, Parvati aced it BIG TIME.

2) Parvati controlled her emotions well. With all the hunger, exhaustion and sleepless nights, Parvati found a way to connect with her inner self. Day by day, Tribal Council after another, she took the time to re-focus for her survival. During the final four, I was totally expecting her to join the jury when she did not win the final immunity challenge. However, Parvati did not give up. She made use of all the possible shots she still had and get through.

3) Parvati knows how to play a hidden idol. That was her shinning moment and admit it folks, giving the two immunity idols while securing yourself a ‘safe’ spot is totally a risky decision. This is not about scientific methodology. This is pure instincts. Parvati feels when all she sees is blank.

Reality News Online said: “Everyone saw it and no one can deny it. Plus, by doing it all on her own, Parvati is the only person who can claim this move. She wasn’t riding anyone’s coattails, and no one was riding hers… On top of that, she proved that she’s not just a pretty face – she has some brains, too. And she earned herself a Reality TV Hall of Fame Moment.”

Russel, Russel, Russel (Sprint Player of the Season)

I assume everyone knows why he did not get a single vote. Russel hurt the jury so bad and he did not do anything right ’till the last minute of the game. He accepted all his mistakes during the Q&A with the jury but it was too late, it’s still game over for Russel.

Survivor Insights 67: Who’ll Win Survivor Heroes vs Villains?

Jeff Probst’s Fearless Predictions:

  • COLBY:  If he makes it to the end, he wins.  Too many heroes on the jury that have too much animosity for the Villains.  Despite not earning it, Colby could soon be a millionaire.
  • SANDRA: She has to make it to the end with Russell and/or Parvati to have any chance.  Jerri and Colby will both beat her.
  • PARVATI: Could become the first two-timer winner.  She’s that good and has played that good of a game.
  • RUSSELL: Could become first time back-to-back loser.  He’s that good and that despised.  For Russell to win it will take a jury that appreciates great game play and let’s go of the social, which Russell simply doesn’t have.  One thing is for sure, he won’t have JT’s vote.  Probably won’t have Rupert’s either.
  • JERRI:  I think Jerri has a very good shot to win this.  If she gets to the final with the right person/people she just might get rewarded for all of her growth and overall pretty decent strategic game play.

SurvivorDean says,

I have to agree with Probst’s Predictions. It all makes sense and looks like he really knows what he is talking about. No one has gotten so close with the castaways except for Probst. Only this man has witnessed how hungry, broke and how pissed off they are with each other.

If there’s anyone who acted a HERO and at the same time a VILLAIN in the show, it was Jeff Probst. He is the soul and heart of SURVIVOR who manages to put much pressure on each castaway during Reward & Immunity Challenges and Tribal Councils.

Episode 13: Loose Lips Sink Ships

Parvati won the Immunity Challenge (A repeat of SURVIVOR GABON’s Episode 8 IC and Matty outlasted Bob to win it for his tribe, Fang). Oh Yeah! This is the right time for another celebration, right? This woman continues to amaze me. Parvati was struggling, clearly not in a good shape during her showdown with Rupert, but Parvati always find a way to fight and flirt her way to success. How HOT is that?

  • Chances of Winning: I honestly don’t know. Parvati played so well this season. She did not allowed herself to be devoured by every ‘shaky’ things around and she kept her emotions always in check. Of course, Russel and Danielle were a big part of her survival. But the moment that she cruised into the final five by securing an immunity necklace is what I call “her highest high.” (49/51)

Jerri tried her very best to win this episode’s reward challenge. Her level of confidence went uphill while teaming up with her sister. This was a sweet triumphed for Jerri and I was certain that by choosing Parvati and Sandra to go with her, Jerri has already shifted her loyalty to the girls.

  • Chances of Winning: Jerri is the dark horse. She was making good choices and those choices never let her down. Win or lose, this is going to be a remarkable run for Jerri. And don’t forget, she won her first immunity necklace during this season. (50-50)

I wanted Russel Hantz to win the reward challenge. I was looking forward seeing his wife get more airtime. I was pretty certain Melanie has a lot of juicy things to say in front of the camera. Yet, that’s fine. Even with a loss, Russel still tried his best to control the group. He sealed a handshake with Rupert and even asking Sandra if she’s with him or against him. That moment was insanely funny! It’s hard to believe that Russel was allowing himself to beg for survival.

  • Chances of Winning: Without a doubt, Russel is the most aggressive competitor in History. He survived various roadblocks along the way by making those castaways (Tyson and JT) looked dumb. When this season began, it was not a surprise that he wanted to backstab Parvati. Yet, this plan was never realized for only one reason: Parvati is always in a powerful position whenever Russel attempted a blindside. One more thing, Russel can easily sail his way to the finals but he is the one who’ll get a hard time to get a vote. Russel hurt the jury members so bad. (45-55)

Sandra’s social game was going in the right direction. She made it clear that she was against Russel still, she chose to play her hidden idol even when she’s safe. In this case, I agree with what Probst wrote in his blog:

“Sandra’s decision to play the idol will have consequences.  Had she not played it, nobody would have ever known.  By deciding to play it she revealed that she had kept a secret from everybody in her alliance and everybody in the game.  Curious to see how that plays out, but it was a big, risky and ultimately wise move.”

  • Chances of Winning: Perhaps, Sandra needs to rise on the top of her game to deserve to be labeled as ‘Sole Survivor.’ One decent win in an immunity challenge is all enough. If winning a challenge is not near to  possibility, she’ll have to dig deep to make it into the final. Once there, it’s time to address the jury (in a smart way) and she’ll seal a memorable victory. (51/49)

Colby could not win a challenge. He regularly screams at his elder brother during the reward challenge due to frustration and was the first one out during the immunity challenge. Was this real? Is that the “real” Colby or is it simply a strategy?

  • Chances of Winning: The game is not yet done. Two immunity challenges are on the way and if Colby manages to ace it, that’s a BIG PLUS in the jury’s box. Only one problem though: As the sole representative of the Heroes tribe, Colby might be carrying a lot of pressure on his back. Is he mentally strong to survive it? (51/49)

Finale is coming. May 17, 2010

Survivor Insights 66: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Angry!

Last night, episode thirteen of SURVIVOR HEROES VS VILLAINS was not aired in Solar TV (the local carrier of Survivor here in the Philippines). I checked their Twitter but haven’t found anything related to this issue. Come on Solar TV! If you are trying to be a Most-Watched TV Channel (be like Studio 23 or QTV), never screw your loyal televiewers. Kindly inform us if you are in any way giving up with SURVIVOR. Don’t make us wait for nothing!

Thanks to the fruit of new technology and I have watched the SURVIVOR HvV Episode 13 via online streaming.

Survivor Insights 65: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Unpredictability Happens!

The “evil strategist” in Russel Hantz has risen. After two episodes, he’s finally back. He tried his best to win the second immunity challenge to put things in order.

Russell:  “I’m not fully in control of this game right now.  But you know what, I’m gonna take control of this game so fast they’re not gonna know what hit ‘em.”

The plan was successful. Danielle was voted out, leaving the vulnerable Parvati alone. Danielle, the remaining representative of Season 12 for this season.

Danielle was somewhat going in the right direction by working with Parvati. The two could have sailed through but it’s too late for Danielle. She allowed Russel to get inside her mind and she broke into pieces during the Tribal Council Part 2. I was surprised too by what she said. That was ‘Uncontrollable.’

So, what’s next? Is this it? Parvati will go next before the finale?

But you know what, I don’t think Russel made a smart move by siding with Colby and Rupert.

1) First: Colby is the Captain America of SURVIVOR. Rewinding the time, Colby is the big Hero of Australian Outback of Ogakor Tribe and the biggest threat in All-Stars. This season, we have seen the other side of Colby. The tired one who could not win an immunity challenge. Russel is nuts when he still choose to go head-to-head against him in the finals. That’s crazy. The jury will be on Colby’s side for sure.

Jeff Probst wrote: “Colby is certainly a good strategist but his head has been in and out of the game this season and leaves him vulnerable.”

2) Same story goes with Rupert. Rupert is a charismatic Hero. He played the game three times and every member of the jury will root for him. Two clear votes for Rupert: Amanda and JT

3) Third: Parvati might choose to stay in the shade. The mere fact that she played competitively in the challenges, she still has cards to pass on. I don’t know what it is. It seems like a surprise. You see, Parvati was playing a ‘very’ risky game this season. If not for Russel, she went home in the third episode, right?

Will I still see her in the finale?

Here’s a thought: If Russel-Parvati “couple” arguments couldn’t be fix, Parv might hunt for another ‘alliance’ where she feels comfortable. Perhaps, with Sandra.

Sandra has the power to save her but do you really think that will happen?


While writing this post, I don’t see it coming. There are only six of them in the camp and Sandra might not want to waste her chances by taking the idol out from her pocket and give it to the queen.

But there’s still hope. Perhaps, I will be wrong.

Parvati can protect Sandra and advance farther (I wish that happens, if not, end of the line). Sandra needs Parvati. That way, I won’t be surprise if these two will work together to oust the remaining Heroes or, oust Russel?

Danielle & Candice The Day After

The finale is near. It’s just a question of: Who’s hungrier than the other?