Wimbledon 2010: Who Will Win?

The tennis grass slam starts tomorrow and as expected, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray, Andy Roddick and the Williams sisters are the clear favorites.

Sure, they all are but is this what the grass slam is all about? The predictability? Can I still see some unpredictability events before Day 14?

Things can happen. Unpredictable or not. Expected or the unexpected. But only one thing I want: Venus Williams will win the singles. Serena and Justine can wait for next year. This is the right time for them to give way for the queen of grass. This is Venus’ last big shot and waiting for another year is simply a waste of time. Forget Australian and French Open and it does not matter if the American will win those or not, Venus has to focus all her attention on singles. She’s the best in her generation and she needs to perform the right system to win matches one at a time until she will reach the finals with her sister or someone else.

I am sure a lot of big names (Serena, Henin, Clijsters, Sharapova etc.) want to bring Venus down. They all want to win Wimbledon and that’s a fact. In that case, Venus needs to dig deeper, be hungrier in each round, and has to stay in good shape to win the grass championship for the sixth time. She can also win the doubles with her sister but Venus can also find a way to win singles.

In mens, Novak Djokovic is facing another rough draw (even rougher draw than last year). The Serbian will open his campaign with Olivier Rochus who holds a 3-1 lead in their head to head match up. Should he survive, Nole’s hard test will officially begin on the fourth round where he can clash with 2010 Gerry Weber’s Champion Lleyton Hewitt or Gael Monfils.

I don’t know how confident Nole is coming to Wimbledon. The 2010 season is shaky and inconsistent for the World’s Third Seed. Apart from defending a title in Dubai and winning a doubles title in Queens for the first time, Djokovic has only reached an expected-and-average stage in all tournaments. To have a fruitful 2010, Nole has to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Just because I watched his four-part documentary program “Spirit of A Champion” last night, I somehow want to see Roger Federer win his seventh Wimbledon. I am not his biggest fan but it hard to deny Federer’s fate is made for this moment. His first grand slam rise took place in Wimbledon and everyone wants a repeat of this for sure. Even if he is getting older, Federer still works harder to win matches. He’s still the best in every aspect of  the game and no matter what, the GOAT is still missed since the 2010 Australian Open Award Ceremony.

As for Rafael Nadal, it’s a win or lose situation either in the last eight (possibly with Soderling) or the last four (possibly face Murray). We know Rafa is a fighter and he remains one. Even tired, he still fights for every point and I guess the same story will take place on the Centre Court. Rafa will temporarily forget he’s the French Open Champion and the word number one to get to the top. Just one wish: hopefully, both Nadal and Youzhny can survive the first-week-test and may the best player wins as the second week starts.

To sum up:

Singles Winners: Anyone but if Roger Federer wins, that’s okay with me (Men), Venus Williams (Women)

Dark Horses: If any of the following remains fit and healthy, they can have a good run but might never win the title.

(Men) Robin Soderling, John Isner, Lleyton Hewitt, Sam Querrey

(Women) Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, Sam Stosur, Agniezska Radwanska

Let me know what you think

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