Best Biceps Exercises

It’s a dream for hundreds of men, myself included, to have big biceps. Having big biceps means you’re looking good and you’re more attractive. The truth is – the bicep remains to be the easiest and probably the cheapest body part to train. Most of the time, you just need a pair of heavy dumbbells.

Use dumbbells to perform the curl techniques regularly and great result immediately appears after the routine. But let me bring you back to the basics. Have you ever asked yourself why it’s called biceps? What does it do? How can you make it bigger?

Bicep exercises

The biceps or we use to call it “guns” in slang is formally known as the biceps brachili. The brachili is a Latin term that refers to the two headed muscle located on your upper arm. “The brachili also shares a common insertion point near your elbow point (Wikipedia).”

Brachili has two functions. First is the flexion or the action of bringing your arm to your shoulder. The other one is supination or the action of turning your thumb away from the body.

To have bigger biceps like those popular athletes and celebrities such as Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Lautner, etc. in TV, you need to train.

Training the biceps is a must. It can’t be fully developed once there is a pattern of inconsistency in your training program. To see best results, make time in searching the best sizes of dumbbells, barbells and hanging bars in fitness stores and don’t hesitate to invest your money on it. It’s a good investment and it’s for your own good, trust me.

Biceps progress

The recommended set for any bicep workout is six of 4 – 15 reps. It’s better to stick with fewer reps but long pauses if your goal is only for strength. If you’re a beginner and it’s your first time to lift after reading this post, the standard repetition is between 12 – 15 for each set.

Also make it a habit to measure the peak progress. This is a good practice to know if you have improved or you need extra repetitions.

A while ago, I  accidentally stumbled upon the website Home Workout Routine for which I found an array of best exercises for the biceps.

Remember: ALWAYS bring a bottle of water, especially if you’re an ectomorph, while performing the following exercises. You need to drink water after each set to replenish the glycogen reserves.










biceps workout

Top Picks:

  • Concentration Curl
  • Preacher Curl
  • Hammer Curls
  • Static Curls
  • Close-Grip Reverse ChinUps

For other techniques, watch the instructional video below. It is created by Vince Del Monte, the popular author of No-Nonsense Muscle Building, a book that will teach you how to build big muscles even if you’re a hardgainer. The video below shows you the extended sets for biceps.

Photos courtesy of: Home-Workout-Routines, Men’s Fitness

2 thoughts on “Best Biceps Exercises

  1. What’s the best exercise to build biceps and triceps?…

    The concentration curl is probably the oldest but the most effective technique to build big biceps. At some point, you need to explore other ways to get the bulging biceps that you always desire. These techniques are preacher curl, hammer curl and clos…


  2. The bicep curl exercise is a pretty easy exercise to perform, but there are a few things you can do to make this exercise more effective. To start, you need some sort of resistance. This can be workout band, dumbbells, an easy curl bar, or a barbell. You can make all kinds of homemade resistance for this exercise, such as filling some sort of tube up with water, sand or cat litter. As long as you can hold onto it, you can use it.

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