Undefeatable Nadal in Rome

The final match is of high quality. Rafael Nadal attacked the game with explosive forehands and Novak Djokovic did awesome in his drop shots but it’s not enough for the defending champion. The World Seed One was simply unstoppable in clay, outlasting Djokovic 7-6, 6-2.

Pretty discouraging to see Djokovic lost his cool in first set and displaced his anger to his racket. Poor Head Youtek! Honestly, this is my first time to see Djokovic behave that way, was he doing this in the past with his K-blade?

It’s apparent that in any type of sports (tennis in particular), it can be frustrating, especially when you’re not on your top game but why some pro athletes choose to behave like an insane roaring lion instead of staying cool at their comfort zones?

This spur-of-the-moment anger might have maimed Djokovic to continue. After the smashing-racket incident at 5-6, Djokovic had some bright moment but couldn’t catch up in the second set. He only only won two of six games.

What’s more upsetting is: Djokovic steps down to number four in May 11, 2009 ATP rankings after a year or so at No. 3 since August 2007 😦 Still a supporter of him for outplaying Federer and Del Potro in semi and quarterfinal, respectively.

Nice and happy award ceremony though. Djokovic was back in his zones, that is, made the people laugh.

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