September 2009 SurvivorDean’s Top 5

This year, I already got three number one songs. The first was If U Leave by Musiq Soulchild with some helps by Mary J. Blige. That song was followed by TI. That rap duo with Justin Timberlake called “Dead and Gone,” it’s perfectly awesome. Then it was followed by Boom Boom Pow and that of course belong to Black Eyes Peas.

Time to have some changes now. I have a new number one but before revealing that, let’s start with number 5. I know, this song is already out the Billboard’s top ten but yeah, I still root for it, still in my mind all the time. That’s why, it’s at number 5… Jeremih’s BIRTHDAY SEX.

My new number four is a song by the every woman herself, Whitney Houston. And I heard, Alicia Keys is one of the writers of her new debut song. That’s awesome and without any doubt, it deserves praises even without the MILLION DOLLAR BILL.

At number 3 is the PRETTY WINGS of Maxwell. This song is currently at the top of R&B US Billboard Chart and yes, the first time I heard it, the lyrics cut me deep.

Ginuwine is back at last! And he’s at my number two, singing a heartpounding piece which is entitled LAST CHANCE.

What’s my number 1?

The expert behind the 2008 single How Do I Breath is also on the run and that’s Mario. The man will “GO” for another studio album this October and the lead single, that was really hot. BREAK UP caught my attention the first time. Love everything ’bout it and I now understand why it is already peaked number 2 in US R&B Billboard.

Let me know what you think

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