How Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob Black) Gain 30 Pounds of Muscles Mass

The names “Taylor Lautner” and “Jacob Black” are all over the Internet. These names are found in the top searches in Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Facebook etc.

Source: E-Online

For those who does not know who Taylor Lautner is, he is the seventeen-year-old who plays the role of Jacob Black (the werewolf) in the blockbuster film “New Moon.”

You heard it right, Taylor is still young, a teenager in fact, and he already got the beach body and eight-pack-abs envied by everyone.

Vince DelMonte, the author of No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program, wrote an article and reveals Taylor has gained thirty pounds of muscle mass just for the movie. To him, the real question is: How Taylor Lautner get ripped and manages to gain thirty pounds of real muscle? Of course, it is expected for this young lad to have a fitness coach, who is paid to help him.

Here are the Five “Top-Notch” Muscle Principles Vince DelMonte thinks Taylor Lautner used: (Copy and pasted from Vince’s blog)

1. Heavy Weights. This is taught in my No Nonsense DVD Series and you’ll hear me say over and over that you need to get a healthy taste of heavier weights to pack on mass.

2. Mixing Up Your Volume. It sounds like Taylor’s trainer ripped a few pages out of my muscle book because you’ll find that one of the key ingredients is mixing up the volume to muscle up.  Lifting heavier is not the only way. Even the King of Clay can attest to that.

3. Long Periods of Tension. Anybody who’s gone through my advanced muscle program knows what this is all about. To recruit all the muscle fibers and speed up muscle growth it’s critical that you put your muscles under enough tension. Sets that last 40 seconds to 80 seconds is the ideal period of tension for hypertrophy.

4. Cut Down on Cardio. Between weight training and diet it’s amazing how much fat you can lose and muscle you can pack on.  I don’t recommend more than 20 minutes of cardio, three times a week, if you’re looking to pack on at least 30 pounds of muscle.  When I gained 41 lbs of muscle in 6 months, I did zero cardio and didn’t gain any fat but then again I had to previous exposure to weights.

5. Don’t Forget to Recover. In total, you won’t need to train more than 5 days a week.  At least 3-4 weight training workouts without doing more than 2-3 weight training workouts in a roll will keep you body growing with out plateauing.

Folks, it’s not yet too late to get ripped like Taylor Lautner. You just need to eat right and perform these workout routines (Information below courtesy of: Squiddo)

“Taylor quickly put on 20 pounds of mass due to his age. The thing that fitness magazines never tell you is that you are easily able to gain mass when you first workout.”

how taylor lautner get ripped
Source: imgarcade

“The amount of muscle Taylor put on his body was the natural amount of muscle he was suppose to have. He isn’t big by any stretch of the imagination, which is good. Like just about any young guy…. Taylor (as a skinny kid before) was able to quickly fill in and get close to his genetic potential quickly.”

Day 1: Chest and Shoulders

Day 2: Back and Abs

“People who compete in martial arts derive power from tightening their core…this tightening over time builds hard and defined muscles in the abs. The way to reveal the abs is dieting down to a low body fat percentage, but the reason Taylor Lautner had an exceptional six pack was due to his martial arts experience.”

Day 3: Rest or 30 minutes cardio of your choice

Day 4: Legs

Day 5: Arms

Before ending this post, gaining real muscle mass is not all about working out. You also need to eat, that’s important to your goal. In the case of Taylor Lautner, “his entire goal was to put on muscle weight so his trainer had him eating (healthy) every 2 hours.”

47 thoughts on “How Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob Black) Gain 30 Pounds of Muscles Mass

  1. Great information! However, I’m wondering how you would change these recommendations for a 55 year old. I do lots of push ups, usually in sets of 50 to 75; pull ups in sets of 15 to 20, and dips, in sets of 25 to 30 dips. Legs: squats, calf raises. Cardio: interval training 3 times per week for 20 minutes.

    I do not want to build too much bulk, but want to stay strong, vital, and flexible for the next 30 years.

    Thanks all!


  2. As long as you’re doing those workouts the right way as directed and you’re not forcing yourself to go beyond your limits, you’re good. The body needs more rest periods especially if you’re an ectomorph.


  3. For ectomorphs, it is highly recommended to load your diet with carbohydrates and protein. We need to eat at proper intervals. If you can, research for balanced and healthy diet routines for ectomorphs online and choose the one that you like. I am not sure with the weight dumbbells he uses. Many fitness studies reveal you need to start light before getting with those heavy dumbbells.


  4. So day 6 and 7 are just rest days correct? And then you do this all over again or can you mix the days up to your liking?


  5. I have a few ?s. How much are the costs of keeping this diet? Should I not play 3 hours of basketball if following this workout? Also what brand of protein shakes should I get?


  6. It probably depends on your budget, Jon. It will be expensive at the start but when you get your list at hand, things will be fine. On protein shakes, you can research for the most affordable online.

    Playing basketball is a good cardio sport and it’s up to you if you’ll continue it or not. If your goal is to lose weight, perhaps, you can continue playing basketball at last three times a week.


  7. @ survivordean: is it possible for an unfit person to just get up from the couch to start this program, or would you advise that a few weeks of cardio is necessary to get the fitness up? And should a person looking to tone&gain, lose their unwanted weigh first before taking on this program or is it possible to just get up and start this training program?


  8. Oh give me a break. Lautner isn’t big! Sure, he’s muscular and cut, but he definitely isn’t “big”. Believe me, I workout three times a week, alternating with cardio every other day and while I’m not “big” either, I’m certainly more so than Lautner is. It pisses me off how much you people smother him with praise simply because he’s some pretty boy sellout from Twilight. If you want to see big, look at Chris Hemsworth in Thor. Sure, Hemsworth is a pretty boy too, but that man is actually JACKED!


    • You’re right. Lautner is not the biggest bodybuilder out there but every skinny teenager or adult must be inspired with his transformation and the kind of life he chooses to have.


  9. I weight 60kg and my height is 5’9′.
    I do one body part a day.
    Also i practice parkour and Karate by myslef which consumes daily 20 minutes of my routine.
    Will i be ever able to get the ripped body???


  10. Let’s put it this way: It’s hard to determine if you’ll get ripped or not by telling me your weight and height. If your goal is to get ripped then I suggest you to calculate your BMI and study your body type This way, you’ll know what specific diet and workout techniques you need to perform daily to build muscles.


  11. Well, I`ll start this worikout right now … cause im tired of training my whol body 3 times a week… without “much” gaining at all … i guess its because im a hardgainer … but 12-10 reps isnt that “heavy” … i read that 6-8 is pure “muscle gain” ??


  12. Standing long jumps,
    So this states we just jump 30 times basically?
    3 sets of 10 reps, jumping our farthest with proper form?
    No weights or anything?
    I can understand the workload to the body, but muscle wise?

    Thanks 🙂


  13. He was using anabolic steroids. There is no you can gain 28 pounds of muscle mass in one year. If you’re lucky you can add 10 pounds in one year, if you’re like most people the maximum number will be around 5.


  14. It is good to combine your resistance exercise with cardiovascular training, attempt scheduling your cardio for after your weight lifting. In this way your muscles are free of exhaustion for the resistance portion of your exercises. The fat-burning results of your cardio will be improved, in addition, in view of the fact that your resistance workout will have depleted your amount of easily available energy.


  15. If you are wanting to add more muscle definition to your body, try compound exercises. This is especially important when you are just starting to build muscle mass. Compound exercises are ones that exercise several muscle locations simultaneously. Once you have built your base muscle mass and strength, it is okay to start introducing more isolation exercises into you muscle building workout regimen. Top Supplements


  16. Thanks for the article!
    One question, over what period of time are we supposed to do this? A year? When I have the body I want, do I stop? Do I keep doing this routine? Do I stop this routine and do basic exercises (just pushups and crunches)?


  17. I’m 18 years old and 5’8. i weigh 60kg. i’ve been working out for almost about a year but have only put on about 4kg. i work out 3 times a week on my biceps chest triceps and back. what am i doing wrong? is it my diet? i push myself really hard at the gym but im having a hard time putting on any weight. any advice?


  18. I’m trying to get as big as Taylor launter by this summer now I’m at welled framed but I’m trying to bulk up like him if I stick to this diet and work out do you think I can do it


  19. Hey , I’ve been searching lately for a good method to loose weight and get an attractive body
    I readed a tone of articles and to be honest I didn’t found something that worked with me , But after reading your article
    I think that this method worth a shot,so thank you very much 😀


  20. There are two best ways to burn fat and build muscles, the natural way and the medical way. Almost all diet supplements can help but some factors should be considered before deciding to have one. First is, supplement may be good but like any other medicines, it has possible undesirable side effect. Some may interpret it as a permanent alternative but it’s not. Supplements can help you only when you are running out of time to lose weight or if you have to lose weight temporarily. Dependent of the drugs is also expected with the contents it is made of and with the side effect it causes.
    burn fat and build muscle


  21. I am Mobilty impaired but not really over weight. I would like to get fit and perhaps tone the muscles and build the strength I have left



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