Survivor Insights 63: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- The Yin Yang Ten

And then, there’s the Yin Yang “Merged Tribe” of Ten.

Villains = Parvati, Russel, Danielle, Jerri and Sandra

Heroes = Amanda, Colby, Rupert, Candice and JT

Time for JT to Go

JT, the last remaining castaway from season 18, was voted out because of three reasons:

1) JT is a huge social threat to the remaining five villains. Everybody loves JT and there’s no way the Villains could work with him.

2) JT was devoured into the world of pure lies. He completely knew he was a target when he gave his hidden immunity idol to Russel. The big problem here was JT did not find a way to reverse his mistakes.

David Bloomberg in RelityNewsOnline: Considering you only knew about Parvati by reputation and nothing about what was actually happening on her tribe, why were the Heroes so hell-bent on sending her home?

JT: We felt like Parvati was definitely going to be running the show over there. We knew that Rob and Tyson went home, both good athletes and people you’d want to have all the way around. One person known for doing things like that was Parvati. I knew I’d be first to go if she was calling the shots. Candice, Amanda, and James were afraid of her and wanted to get rid of her. I didn’t want her targeting me. It was a mistake on our part to think she was running things.

But I thought they did a good job last night to show she was playing very hard, taking care of the idols and getting them to the right spot.

3) JT has his chances during the immunity challenge. That was his last card for survival. If he only would have held onto the pole longer, he could be saved for another three days.

Parvati: Playing Smart

With two hidden immunity idols under her watch, Parvati became the most powerful castaway in Episode ten. She was certainly safe and she knew it. Unlike James in season 15, Parvati immediately secured herself a safe ticket for herself and chose to give her idols to Jerri and Sandra.

“It was one of the biggest moves ever and certainly the biggest of this season thus far.” Jeff Probst wrote in his blog. “The reactions as she passed out the first… and then the second idol were as good as it gets on Survivor.  This is how you play Survivor.  Full tilt boogie.  Parvati just made it into the Survivor Hall of Fame.”

Having said that,

1) Jerri was saved because of Parvati. She should be thankful for that. Can we see a Parvati-Jerri in the next episodes? Probably.

2) Not entirely sure of Sandra. Sandra did not like her tribe from the very beginning. Do I expect her to be loyal to Parv? No.

This will be sad but somewhat true. Sandra has probably cemented a revenge against her tribe, she’s going to flip and she has now the power to cut Parvati’s throat anytime. Sandra was instantly put in the power position now that the hidden idols are gone.

3) Just what I’ve said before, the Queen is the most powerful piece in a chess game. That’s right and Parvati is the queen of SURVIVOR. But, aha, there’s still a problem, Queen P has probably crushed the King’s ego with that move.

As we know, Russel was not the kind of person who feels uncomfortable when things went shaky. He wants everything under his control, right? Because of what happened, (It pains me to write this) Russel was not probably ready to forget what Parvati did to him. He was embarrassed and he hated it when he feels outclass.

The First Individual Immunity Challenge as Merged Tribe

Yes, Rob (for the Villains) and Candice (for the Heroes) actually won the Individual Immunity/Reward Challenge back in Episode 6 to avoid the Double Elimination.

That was a different case though.

Two tribes has been merged into one. That means, it’s their own individual game on board.

For that, Danielle (Runner-up in Season 12’s Panama Exile Island) still made HISTORY when she won the FIRST INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE by hanging on a tall pole. This challenge was clearly made for the lightweight and the flexible. Congratulations Danielle!

Rupert and Colby couldn’t hold on to it. JT almost aced it but fell out.

It’s somewhat unusual to see the Captain America was not dominating this season. What happened with Colby? He was unbeatable and the Immunity King back in season two. Perhaps, it was about time for a change.

This season was not about the strongest and being physically fit and unfortunately, Colby was right in the middle of several bright names around.

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