The Fitness Routine of Novak Djokovic

Eating Habit: By winning 43 matches in a row in 2011, Novak Djokovic showed the world how fitness can change everything. The Serbian was entirely a new person in and outside the tennis court when his routine diet was switched to gluten-free.

I’m a solid fan of Novak since 2008 so I’m one of those million fans who wondered what this diet is about. Early today, I made a research and I discovered gluten-free diet is defined as a type of diet that excludes the intake of protein gluten.

It means Novak can only eat any type of food as long as there’s a label that says “gluten-free.” His everyday diet will consist of beans, natural nuts, fresh eggs, fresh meat, fresh fish, fresh chicken meat, selected dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Grains and starches such as rice, corn, tapioca, buckwheat and potato are part of the diet but it’s recommended to eat them with no additives or preservatives.

Listed below is a sample menu of a gluten-free diet (Source: The Gluten Free Diet). At first glance, anyone notices its strict limitations – a diet that is unexpected for a professional tennis player to follow. However, with enough patience and positive mental attitude that “you’ll get used to it” – visible results will appear immediately.

“I have lost some weight but it’s only helped me because my movement is much sharper now and I feel great physically,” Djokovic revealed in an interview.


  • Coffee or tea
  • Grapefruit
  • Gluten free bagel with cream cheese
  • Eggs prepared any way you like it
  • Bacon


  • Salad
  • Grilled hamburger
  • French fries
  • Gluten free hamburger bun or gluten free bread
  • Mayonaise
  • Ice Tea or Coffee


  • String Cheese


  • Salad
  • Oil and vinegar dressing
  • Salmon prepared with lemon and butter
  • Brown rice and vegetables


  • Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

* * *

Workout Routines: Novak Djokovic has an ectomorphic physique.  Since childhood, his body type allows him to eat anything but is not gaining any weight. In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, this condition is also popularly known as the hardgainer.

Truth of the matter is – it’s an advantage to be an ectomorph when playing tennis. A healthy and ripped ectomorph moves freely and hits the ball with heavy spins – similar with the playing style of Rafael Nadal.

Stretching is the ideal training routine for Djokovic – for the reason that his playing style is described as “all-court.” His movement needs to be nimble whether he’s hitting a forehand, a two-handed backhand or returning an ace from the baseline. Oftentimes, as you browse for training photos online you’ll find him with elastic bands or with a trainer who help him perform a full-body-stretch. To see how he trains, watch the video below. claims the 2011 Wimbledon Champion spends time inside a fitness pod – which is an egg-shaped pressure chamber that improves blood circulation.

Personally, this pod is an excellent tool for relaxing exhausted muscles before and after a match. For a glimpse on how the popular Serbian trains outside the pod, watch the video below. He’s still sponsored by Adidas that time.


Anyone can be like Novak Djokovic! Either you’re a pro or an upcoming star, there are ways to copy his success in tennis. Fitness is everything, as many experts say and when you take care of your body, you don’t make excuses to train.

Successful tennis players grew up believing in the passion for training. No matter how hard the training is, they never give up. They know that without proper training, the dream of becoming #1 in the world won’t be achieved.

These days, building muscles is power. When you regularly train your upper body (biceps, shoulders, chest and back especially), it’s easy to outhit your opponent and win a match.

Your core plays an important role when you serve. A flat well-defined midsection means you can hit aces whether you’re playing in clay, grass or hardcourt.

Greatness in tennis starts in service, right? So, learn to apply these proper workout for your abs – these exercises are highly recommended and are a must.

An Inspiration for All

It takes time to follow Novak’s footsteps. To look exactly like him, you need tons of patience, hardwork and consistency. And yes, if your diet is glutten-free, who knows you’ll also appear in Men’s Fitness Magazine?

Photo courtesy of: NoleNews

8 thoughts on “The Fitness Routine of Novak Djokovic

  1. I think that is cool because I am gluten free as well and I am ranked 11 in the state of Georgia and hope to become a pro like my favorite player


  2. ok, so for anyone who is thinking of switching over to the gluten free diet just because Djokovic is doing. DONT.. he is only doing it becasue he has an alergic reaction to gluten. He has celiac disease whoch causes his body to react to the gluten. Anyone whom does not have an alergic reaction to gluten should not switch over to a gluten free diet. First of all it is a pain in the ass to only eat gluten free. Second of all it has 0 health benefits to a person whom can eat gluten without reaction to ut. Third of all, if you switch to a gluten free diet without having celiac disease then you might risk ending up with it because they body stops being able to resist the gluten because it is not given it for a longer period of time.

    Hope that helps anyone who thought of switching to gluten free diet.



      Gluten free is an excellent was to live a longer, healthier life. The gluten we have to consume today is a Franken-gluten and is can permanently change your digestive environment.

      Arguing a point that it is a “pain” is a very inadequate way to give solid scientic knowledge on the unhealthy long-term effects of eating GMO altered foods.

      Consuming gluten can cause an inflammatory reaction in the body for up to ONE month from one meal. One meal.

      We have overwhelming metadata proving this.

      Please consider eating whole food plant based to eliminate risks of cancer, diabetes and long term inflammatory ailments resulting in gluten diets.


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