Talking About Benefits of Creatine

Since I become interested in bodybuilding, the first thing I want to know about is what really creatine is.

Many people talk about it. Some say it’s good. Some say it’s bad.
I’m sure there are points of truth in those two sides.

bicep curl

I remembered my chemistry professor when he told us that creatine is simply a nitrogenous organic acid found in our body and that provides considerable amount of energy transferred to our muscles for easy locomotion. Good sources of creatine are mostly found in tuna, salmon, beef, and pork. Here’s a trivia: Do you know that an average person consumes at least two grams of creatine everyday?

Yes, this is the truth. As a human being, we get creatine from what we eat the whole day. That means, if your eating habit is poor, lesser amounts of creatine are produced.

When I enrolled at the gym just two blocks away from my house, the gym coach immediately suggested that my first priority is to gain weight. Skinny people like me should be in protein diet and get the amount of creatine they need.

I asked the coach why many people claim taking cleatine supplements can be dangerous to your overall being and he answered me in straight truths.

“You need to take note Unwanted fats are the enemies, not the creatine itself. The solution behind this issue is to only use creatine products without fats. Unwanted fats are what people should get rid of. These are the reasons why people have clogged arteries and experience poor blood circulation.”

Now I understand what the real purpose of various food supplements in the market. These products are not encouraging people to get addictive to creatine, they only want to help people, like me, who are dissatisfied with their physique.

Let’s admit it folks, overweight or underweight is not truly good to look at. At these scenarios, we destroy the level of our self-esteem that eventually results to depression, paranoia and shame.

Thank God for these supplemental products with creatine!

The big dilemma of Skinny Ryan can come to an end. You know, putting your trust to these products is not really a crime but it’s a risk you must learn to take.

Like what the gym instructor told me, there are three keywords people should remember about Creatine:

First is Gain Weight.

Due to the presence of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), creatine truly helps hardgainers to put immediate weight possibly in the first week of use.

Second keyword is Strength.

Evidently, creatine gives us the maximum power and upon taking, we don’t easily get exhausted during training.

Last keyword is the Size.

Of course, when we train hard, our muscles will grow and we are now accomplishing our dreams to become the athlete we admire in basketball or tennis.

That sounds fantastic, right?

But, I’m not yet finished. The benefits of creatine is not only limited to gaining weight. For those who are fat or overweight still have hopes of getting in shape. All you need to do is pick the right food supplements programmed to reduce unnecessary body fats curling in your body.

Just remember: Every story has two sides. The positive pole attracts the negative pole and you need to remember seeking medical advice from your physician before taking any pre/post workout supplemental products is important. This is to avoid negative side effects.

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