Ana Ivanovic: Second Round Exit in AO 2010

Third round exit last year now more earlier than expected, it’s second round.

After a dominating match against an American Qualifier on the opening round, Ana Ivanovic continued to put too much pressure on herself and found herself out the circle.

“Gisela Dulko narrowly lived up to her reputation as one of the most dangerous floaters in women’s tennis with a 6-7(6) 7-5 6-4 victory over No.20 seed Ana Ivanovic in the second round at Australian Open 2010, but not without raising some significant question marks over her own form.”

Ana Ivanovic on her Instincts: “That’s a big part of my game. I think when I actually let go of, you know, emotions, what I have to do, that’s when I play my best. That’s when instincts overtake a lot. I have to work on it. That’s something I’ll always struggle with.”

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