Survivor Insights 54: Survivor Heroes VS Villains: ‘Hats Off to Boston Rob’

Samoan Flu downs Boston Rob

The second episode of Survivor Heroes vs Villains was all about Boston Rob. Boston Rob who emerged as the leader of the Team Villains, who started the fire without a flint and who lead the group to create a more comfortable shelter.

That’s why; it’s an odd moment to see that Boston Rob who was down because of a flu. Yeah, the Samoan Flu and I don’t have any idea how dangerous it was until Jeff Probst clearly described it in his blog when the virus hits the human body.

“It hits the body very hard and according to our doctors, one of the worst parts was the accompanying headache which felt like a nail being repeatedly pounded into the back of your head.”

Whoa, that feeling really sucks. Boston Rob was very lucky to recover immediately and was not pulled-out from the game. To those who dig for Rob, I am sure you feel relieve as you see Jeff Probst helped him stand and he decided to continue the game. Even Evil Russel was glad that Rob came back at the camp.

What does this mean? Is this the start of a ‘dream’ alliance?’

I hope so. It would be a spectacular to see those two in the jury. But I doubt it. I doubt if there’s any alliances between these two. Russel wanted power, he’s self-centered and I am sure he will do everything just to dominate. Russel and his ‘girl’ alliance could oust Rob just like that.

Episode Two: Reward/Immunity Challenge

I was expecting the Team Heroes would win this week’s Immunity Challenge. The time has come and they got JT on their side. JT and his tribemates (Jalapao) won this challenge back in season 18.

Unfortunately, Team Villains still won! It was certainly a hard-fought challenge for all of them. Big, big kudos for them, not only for Boston Rob who used his entire back to push the huge block at the top (That’s exactly what Brendon did in Tocantins); but also to Parvati, who met an accident at the moment while she and Russel were pushing the block towards the line.

Poor Parvati and Rob but it’s all work it. Hats off to Team Villains. So far, so good, all their hard word paid off.

They won.

Team Villains was safe from Tribal Council once again (hear those bells ringing?)

James vs Stephenie

I think one of the reasons why Team Heroes lose two Immunity Challenges in a row wass their teamwork was all over the place. As I see it, they were not working for the success of the tribe instead they submit themselves to vulnerability.

Without any traces of doubt, James and Stephenie were the two of the ‘most physically ripped castaways’ of this season. Stephenie was the kind of person who’s not afraid to voice her opinions out.

James? Perhaps, he was ‘very’ hungry and mentally-drained and that’s the reason why he became an intense Hulk during the challenge.

“I know he’s the strongest guy to ever play this game, but his attitude is just not there and that is more damaging long term than his biceps are helpful short term.” – Jeff Probst

“The hero tribe will need some time to recover from tonight’s vote and not simply because they lost a very strong player in Stephenie.  The real damage came at the hands of James.  His comments must have left a bad taste in the mouth of every other member on the Hero tribe.”

Oust Steph!

The Tribal Council went crazy between James and Stephenie. To the rescue, Tom and Colby defended Steph. These two acted like her father and brother.

However, the defense did not make any magic. The James-Alliance stayed loyal to him and Stephenie still took the cut.

Stephenie’s Exit RNO Interview

Just a thought: I could not fully understand why Amanda is always a target in Tribal Council. It all become clear to me once I finished reading Steph’s exit interview.

The reason why Amanda voted against Amanda “Amanda is a good athlete – I definitely underestimated her… Amanda got really whiny and girly and we were all saying it. We were like, “Amanda, we’re not out here modeling, stop trying to look pretty. Stop putting your hand on your hip every time the camera comes around. It’s not America’s Next Top Model.”

One more thing before ending this post, where Exile Island has gone? Is it returning? I look forward.

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