It’s My Birthday!

New Age. New Priorities. New Adventure.


I’m 32 years old now and no matter what my future holds (whether I stay single or get marry), I’m an accomplished man when Rafael Nadal & Ana Ivanovic signed my favorite cap. It all happened in December 7, 2015 Mall of Asia Arena.

My adventure continues from here on out. I’m still hungry for more and I’m going to get more serious while having fun.



My Top 5 082016

No one cares about this countdown but me.

5) We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

We don’t talk anymore | We don’t talk anymore | We don’t talk anymore | Like we used to do | We don’t laugh anymore | What was all of it for (AZ Lyrics)

4) Saw It Coming – G Eazy ft. Jeremih (OST: Ghostbusters)

Something’s got you up all night | So tell me who you’re gonna call | I bet you never saw it coming | I bet you never saw it coming | Someone’s gotta make it right | Now tell me who you’re gonna call | I bet you never saw it coming | I bet you never saw it coming | Never saw it coming (AZ Lyrics)

3) Chasing The Sky – Empire Cast

And I know | I said I didn’t need it, I said I wasn’t built for it | But now that I can see it, damn right I really made for this | Chasing the sky, trying to fly | And now I see | Just why you had to be so hard for me | You’ll hear my roar they’ll feel your legacy | Fear of the sky, no choice but to fly, so high, so high, so high (AZ Lyrics)

2) Sunshine – Eric Benet

Remember times we just laughed for no reason at all | And all those feelings of anticipation | We’ve grown accustomed to life without living at all | Cause something went wrong along the way | Oh let me feel, I need to feel that sunshine | The light that used to grow upon my face | Oh let me feel, we need to find that sunshine | The way the love shining on yesterday (Genius)

(1) Crash – Usher

Would you mind if I still loved you? | Would you mind if things don’t last | Would you mind if I hold onto | You so that I won’t crash? (AZ Lyrics)