Best Shoulder Exercises

You find it so hard to play any type of sport when you have tight shoulders. Why this is so?

Simply put, your shoulders are composed of three essential parts: the anterior and posterior deltoid (for pressing movements) and medial deltoid (for raising objects). Each part needs to be enhanced, requiring you to perform the following best shoulder exercises I found in Home Workout Routine.

FRONT PRESS: “a compound exercise which primarily develops the anterior deltoid”

Shoulder - Front Press 1

Shoulder - Front Press 2


BACK PRESS: “allows you to add considerable strength and size to your shoulders”

Shoulder - Back Press 1

Shoulder - Back Press 2


DUMBBELL MILITARY PRESS: “this movement mainly works the middle and anterior parts of the deltoid”

Shoulder - Dumbbell Military Press 1

Shoulder - Dumbbell Military Press 2


ARNOLD PRESS: “allows you to target more muscle fibers in the shoulders (anterior and middle deltoid”

Shoulder - Arnold Press 1

Shoulder - Arnold Press 2


ALTERNATE FRONT DUMBBELL RAISE: “develops the deltoid, primarily focusing the effort in the anterior deltoid”

Shoulder - Alternate Dumbbell Raise 1

Shoulder - Alternate Dumbbell Front Raise 2


FRONT BARBELL RAISES: “develops the anterior deltoid and the clavicular head of the pectoralis major”

Shoulder - Front Barbell Raise 1

Shoulder - Front Barbell Raise 2


LATERAL RAISES: “effective movement for developing the middle part of the deltoid”

Shoulder - Lateral Raise 1

Shoulder - Lateral Raise 2


LYING LATERAL RAISES: “works the middle deltoid and can be used as an alternative to standard lateral raises”

Shoulder - Lying Lateral Raise 1

Shoulder - Lying Lateral Raise 2

PIKE PUSHUPS: “works the shoulders (mainly the anterior deltoid) as well as the triceps”

Shoulder - Pike Push-up 1

Shoulder - Pike Push-up 2


Top Picks:

  • Front Press
  • Arnold Pres
  • Alternate Front Dumbbell Raise
  • Lateral Raises
  • Lying Lateral Raises

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