Survivor Insights 102: The Best Final Immunity Challenge is …???

Rich, Tina, Ethan, Vecepia, Brian, Jenna, Sandra, Amber (All-Stars), Chris, Tom, Dani, Aras, Yul, Earl, Todd, Parvati (Fans vs Favorites), JT, Natalie, Sandra (two-time winner, Heroes vs Villains), Fabio, Boston Rob (Redemption Island) and in less than a month from now, it’s the premiere of a new season with new set of castaways highlighting the comeback of Ozzy and Coach.

Who’s the next sole survivor? Before uncovering the mysteries waiting for us in South Pacific, let’s chill for a while and remember all those castaways who dominated immunity challenges. I’m sure you never forget those names. These are the people who made this show the most extraordinary reality-competition show on earth.

Truth is; winning a challenge in SURVIVOR is certainly the hardest moment to put down especially when you’re out there, hungry, bored, feeling wet, left with no options but to win the necklace. This was what Parvati did in Heroes vs Villains, right?

Boston Rob also did well in Redemption Island and he deserved a lot of high-fives from the fans, producers and co-castaways. But to be honest and it’s hard to deny it, I was more impressed with his run in All-Stars even if he only ended up as a runner-up.

The Immunity Challenge

The final immunity challenge plays an important role. Brian, Jenna, Chris, Tom, JT, Fabio and Boston Rob – these are the ones who wore the final necklace around their neck and ended up winning the title. For some winners, they fail to win it and did not even not came close to winning.

Simply put, winning the final immunity challenge can only help you win this game but never consider it as your free ticket to triumph. If I have to pick the two I could not forget, of course, I’ll choose the one in season 12 and in season 16. It’s not only for the reason my personal bets played it but because the excitement, level of nerves and stress were on a different high as I watched it. Back in season 12, Aras came only second to Danielle in “floating platforms.” Aras’ biggest luck just sided with him when Danielle realized she could not win a vote against Terry.

Back in season 16, Parvati was the first one who dropped the challenge. However, I still doubted it if Amanda won the challenge if she still brought Cirie. Parvati received 5-3 votes from the jury and this number was nearly tight but not close eh?

How about you?

What’s your favorite final immunity challenge? (My apology for forgetting the exact title of the challenge) Just vote and commenting in the box below is much appreciated.

Albert Ellis’ 10 Irrational Beliefs

Albert Ellis is an American psychologist who died on the 24th of July 2007. He was named as the second most influential psychotherapist in history next to Cal Rogers. In his book entitled “A Guide to Rational Living,” he enumerated the ten irrational beliefs which make people unhappy (along with the page numbers).

1.) The idea that you must have love or approval from all the significant people in your life (101).

2.) The idea that you absolutely must be thoroughly competent, adequate, and achieving or The idea that you must be competent or talented in some important area (115).

3.) The idea that other people absolutely must not act obnoxiously and unfairly, and, that when they do, you should blame and damn them, and see them as bad, wicked, or rotten individuals (127).

4.) The idea that you have to see things as being awful, terrible, and catastrophic when you are seriously frustrated or treated unfairly (139).

5.) The idea that you must be miserable when you have pressures and difficult experiences; and that you have little ability to control, and cannot change, your disturbed feelings (155).

6.) The idea that if something is dangerous or fearsome, you must obsess about it and frantically try to escape from it (163).

7.) The idea that you can easily avoid facing many difficulties and self-responsibilities and still lead a highly fulfilling existence (177).

8.) The idea that your past remains all-important and because something once strongly influenced your life, it has to keep determining your feelings and behavior today (187).

9.) The idea that people and things absolutely must be better than they are and that it is awful and horrible if you cannot change life’s grim facts to suit you (197).

10.) The idea that you can achieve maximum happiness by inertia and inaction or by passively and uncommittedly enjoying yourself (207).

Source: Chris Flannery

Can Novak Djokovic Win Rogers Cup 2011?

Remember this post? “I Unconditionally Love You

This year, Novak Djokovic did the same. This streaking Serbian won his quarterfinal match against Gael Monfils on my 27th birthday (August 13, 2011, my time) in Rogers Cup that took place in Montreal, Canada. I never saw the match or saw the video highlights online but the statistics say, Nole only allowed the Frenchman to win three games during the entire match (6-2, 6-1).  “After facing a break point in the opening game, it was smooth sailing for the Serbian. Monfils held to get to 2-2, but Djokovic reeled off nine consecutive games to put the match out of the Frenchman’s hands. Monfils fought in the final game, creating two break point opportunities, but the top seed closed the door to seal the victory in one hour and 14 minutes (Source: ATP).”

The 2011 Wimbledon Champion also won his semifinal match against Jo-Wilfredo Tsonga (6-4, 3-0) and will face the highest American seed for the finale (Mardy Fish) on Sunday.  Can Nole win? That’s awesome. I see no reason why he can’t win considering Nole is absolutely familiar with the American’s style of playing and their head-to-head standing is 7-0 in favor of the Serbian. If something unexpected happens and Nole will not raise the trophy, that’s still awesome. I have nothing against Mardy Fish if he’ll find a way to frustrate the invincible all-court player.

Photo courtesy of: Yahoo Tennis Home