Gain Weight and Muscles

Can’t Gain Weight?

Yes? Then, you’re at the right place brother. We are on the same boat. I find it really hard to gain some weight. Trust me on this, when there are moments and you whisper to yourself, “I feel insecure due to my skinny looks,” I go through that too. That’s exactly what I’m going through every single day – and seriously man, it’s frustrating.

Being skinny really sucks. You are eating more but nothing happens. However, that’s life and that’s fine. Success won’t come overnight. Below is a before-after photo of Ken Devo. Even if he’s one professional model with the good looks girls crave for, it took him four years to get ripped.

Ken Devo Inspiring Transformation

For this, I decided to create this page. I’m no expert and most of the ideas in the articles below came from the random articles I’ve search online. These days, with the help of Google, various information on how to gain weight are available every where – blogs, infographics, videos, slide presentations and even free e-books.

Just key in the right keywords and you’ll realize there are also thousands of fitness gurus out there. Lean, bulky, bodybuilder… you name it, you got it. Sometimes, it becomes too exhausting to point the exact recommended diet + workout plan that can work for you. The truth is, what works for me will not probably work for you. That’s why; it’s best to choose what to read and choose what you believe.


…if you don’t give your body enough nutrients and enough rest you wont be growing at all, you’ll actually be working against yourself. – Adrian, author of 36 Pounds

Muscle Building Diet Plan

Eight Reasons Why You Are Skinny

What Body Type Do You Have?

Are You Underweight?

Calculating Your BMI

How to Gain Weight?

Who’s “Skinny Vinnie?”

Secrets to Gaining Weight Fast

Weight Gain Transformation: This is Like My Story

The Fitness Routine of Novak Djokovic

Andy Murray: His Methods of Gaining Weight and Building Muscles

Ryan Reynolds “Bulking” Diet Routine

The Pinoy Sole Survivor and his Diet Plan

Michael Phleps’ Calorie Diet

Eating to Gain Mass

Ectomorphs Secrets Revealed

Awareness without Action is Worthless

The Magic Behind Consistency

Gaining Weight Boosts Your Self-esteem

How Dedicated Are You To Gain Weight?

Top Bodybuilding Supplements

Talking about Creatine


Each person has a different ability to manufacture muscle based on how much protein their body can synthesize, which is based on your testosterone levels… – Vince Del Monte

Muscle Building Tips

Full Body Workout for Men

36 Pounds: 12 Successful Gaining Muscle Tips

Are You Aware of the Ten “Workout” Commandments?

Vince Del Monte Best Ways to Build Muscle Fast!

Vince Del Monte Top 7 Exercises for Gaining Weight

How Taylor Lautner (A.K.A Jacob Black) Get Ripped?

How to Get Ripped like Rafael Nadal

How to Get Ripped like Jason Stackhouse

Usher Raymond IV Workout Routine

Basic Gym Equipment for Muscle Building

How to Build A Home Gym

Best Exercises You Can Do at Home

DIY Cable Apparatus

Cardio for the Skinny You

Best Exercises for your Back

Best Exercises for your Abs

Bodyweight Exercises for your Abs

How to Get Ripped: Perform the 7 Push-ups

Best Chest Exercises

Best Shoulder Exercises

Best Triceps Exercises

Best Biceps Exercises

4 Hardgainer (Compound) Exercises

Nitric Oxide & Bodybuilding

How to Gain Weight and Muscles

Must-Read To Those Who Want To Build Muscles

Exercise and Disability

Photos Courtesy of: Men’s Health, GymRa Fitness

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