SurvivorDean Top 5 (March 2009)

At five, the John Legend dance-flowing hit and now with a little help from Andre 3000. Just wow— this is the first thing in my mind the first I heard the song in YouTube. The song might not be a big contender for the number one spot but still, it’s fun, fun, fun…

Nelly is back at house and now, he is with Fergie. Two words to describe this song: PARTY PEOPLE! This is what Nelly is about about… he’s still got the fire inside. The reason why he’s at number four.

Neyo is at number with MAD. What’s hot with this song is its smooth-sailing lyrics. The first time you hear it, you can immediately say that it’s a bomb popping in your head everywhere you go and whatever you do.

At number two is the man behind the soulchild, none other than Musiq. His duo with Mary J. Blige was simply an anthem of letting go. Sad to say, can’t find the video in YouTube 😦

And who will be at top but the great T.I. It’s first time that a rapper tops my chart and yeah, what gettin’ me down with this song is it’s powerful message. It’s really therapeutic when TI raps and JT sang all his might and say “The Old Me is Dead and Gone

Let me know what you think

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