Survivor Insights 65: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Unpredictability Happens!

The “evil strategist” in Russel Hantz has risen. After two episodes, he’s finally back. He tried his best to win the second immunity challenge to put things in order.

Russell:  “I’m not fully in control of this game right now.  But you know what, I’m gonna take control of this game so fast they’re not gonna know what hit ‘em.”

The plan was successful. Danielle was voted out, leaving the vulnerable Parvati alone. Danielle, the remaining representative of Season 12 for this season.

Danielle was somewhat going in the right direction by working with Parvati. The two could have sailed through but it’s too late for Danielle. She allowed Russel to get inside her mind and she broke into pieces during the Tribal Council Part 2. I was surprised too by what she said. That was ‘Uncontrollable.’

So, what’s next? Is this it? Parvati will go next before the finale?

But you know what, I don’t think Russel made a smart move by siding with Colby and Rupert.

1) First: Colby is the Captain America of SURVIVOR. Rewinding the time, Colby is the big Hero of Australian Outback of Ogakor Tribe and the biggest threat in All-Stars. This season, we have seen the other side of Colby. The tired one who could not win an immunity challenge. Russel is nuts when he still choose to go head-to-head against him in the finals. That’s crazy. The jury will be on Colby’s side for sure.

Jeff Probst wrote: “Colby is certainly a good strategist but his head has been in and out of the game this season and leaves him vulnerable.”

2) Same story goes with Rupert. Rupert is a charismatic Hero. He played the game three times and every member of the jury will root for him. Two clear votes for Rupert: Amanda and JT

3) Third: Parvati might choose to stay in the shade. The mere fact that she played competitively in the challenges, she still has cards to pass on. I don’t know what it is. It seems like a surprise. You see, Parvati was playing a ‘very’ risky game this season. If not for Russel, she went home in the third episode, right?

Will I still see her in the finale?

Here’s a thought: If Russel-Parvati “couple” arguments couldn’t be fix, Parv might hunt for another ‘alliance’ where she feels comfortable. Perhaps, with Sandra.

Sandra has the power to save her but do you really think that will happen?


While writing this post, I don’t see it coming. There are only six of them in the camp and Sandra might not want to waste her chances by taking the idol out from her pocket and give it to the queen.

But there’s still hope. Perhaps, I will be wrong.

Parvati can protect Sandra and advance farther (I wish that happens, if not, end of the line). Sandra needs Parvati. That way, I won’t be surprise if these two will work together to oust the remaining Heroes or, oust Russel?

Danielle & Candice The Day After

The finale is near. It’s just a question of: Who’s hungrier than the other?