#Survivor Insights 207: Game Changers – Lessons Of The Story (Episode 11)

Anyone can blindside you. Even a middle ground game isn’t a guarantee. It either saves you or backfires at you.


Andrea Boehlke, 27, New York

There’s no such thing as perfect strategy. It’s still possible to blindside you even if you “found a way to play your game from inside the box that other people have created for you.”

Michaela Bradshaw
Michaela Bradshaw, 25, Texas

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#Survivor Insights 206: Game Changers – Lesson Of The Story (E10)

Nothing is certain. You make an alliance. You learn how to trust. Yet, you seem to lost the control of your game when a friend you trust the most betrays you.


Sierra Dawn Thomas, 29, Utah
Sierra Dawn Thomas, 29, Utah

Photo Courtesy of: CBS