Three Meets Four in SEO @ Miami

83286603MH024_Sony_EricssonTwo of my favorites in Men’s Tennis book an unexpected final clash at the Sony Ericsson Finals at Miami. Novak Djokovic made a brilliant run in the second and third set to defeat Roger Federer, World Seed Number 2 (3-6, 6-2, 6-3).

“It’s all about adjustment throughout the match. He played really solid in the first set, but then he started to make a big amount of the unforced errors from that (forehand) side,” Djokovic said in an interview.

“So I tried to change pace and play fast and, then play a bit slower with more spin. I think what my game was all about today was I’m not giving him any consistency in one side so he can really be comfortable there. So I think I played well. [After the first set] I just waited more, was more patient and created the opportunity to make a winner in the point.”

In reference to his upset, Roger Federer came short with his forehand returns committing 47 unforced errors and allowed himself to be completely devoured with his emotions. Seeing him behave like a wreck was like losing the Mighty-Fed I saw before.

It’s only Tennis. It’s only sports. You can be always emotional about it but you can choose to control your aggression while on the centre courts. To me, Federer had no reason to behave like an insane lion if he lose. Win or not, he’s still Federer, the legend.

The problem with him now is, he’s too heavily focus about winning rather than making some grounds to win the match. Back in Australian Open finals, Nadal didn’t do anything. Federer seemed to put much pressure on himself for eqaualing Sampras’ 14 GS than putting pressures on Nadal to win the title.

This is what I get to understand in his semi-clash with Djokovic. Federer was already there, winning the first set but perhaps, his mind was all again playing tricks on him, that’s why, Djokovic sped off and stole the two sets against him.

Federer’s level of frustration was apparently high at the moment and acted like Marat Safin (back at Barclays when Safin was defeated by Gasquet). What I didn’t get is, why he needs to smash his racket?

If this behavior continues, seems like this type of Federer face a tough dilemma with World Seed One, Three and Four.

Djokovic VS Murray

Since his rise to 4 when he finished second to Federer in US Open, Andy Murray continued to wow the whole world with his consistent fearlessness to outplay those big seeds like Nadal, Federer and Roddick.

Djokovic and Murray seem to be my Dream Match of this 2009. The way I see it, these two agile ectomorphs with HEAD as their wands are in 50-50.

Sad for Verdasco though, he was badly injured and just allowed the Andy Murray to overtake him during the QF. The score just clocked at 6-1, 6-2.


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