Survivor Insights 42: Someone Nearly Died!

Episode 6 of Survivor Samoa was certainly one of those gripping moments you could not forget. Russel S. nearly died because of too much exhaustion (dehydration to be specific) and I kept wondering why he still chose to participate in the challenge when he was already feeling ill.

As I see it, Russel S was too hard of himself that moment. He’s the leader and he’s probably too concern what his other tribematess thought when he chose not to play. I don’t know how this episode turned out if Russel S chose to sat out and gave the responsibility to Dave instead.

What do you think?

Jeff Probst wrote a lengthy post about this event and you can read its entirety in PopWatch.

“During the early stage of the challenge when they were pushing the sphere, I was completely unaware that Russell was struggling. I noticed he was tired but that is not unusual during a challenge and so I thought nothing much of it.”

Probst wrote.

“As a result, I had no idea that he actually had already passed out for the first time while he was standing at the maze, but that is exactly what our doctors think happened. They think he had already passed out once before I even got to him.”

“When a Survivor appears to be in trouble, our first rule is to give them the chance to save themselves or see if one of their tribemates can help them before we make any decision about sending in medical, safety, or our water rescue team. We do this because it is their game, their adventure and whenever possible we want them to make the decisions about their fate.”

“But in this case, it happened so fast that I didn’t even consider waiting. I just instinctively called for medical to come in and get to work. Because our medical team is so well run they were prepared for someone to pass out or get injured even before the challenge began. That’s what they do, they prep before the challenge about what could possibly go wrong so they are ready for it. They knew dehydration could be a factor and so when Russell went down they had a plan in place and were helping Russell within seconds of me calling them in.”

“For the next 45 minutes we monitored Russell’s vital signs. We gave him water from his canteen. We gave him oxygen. We propped him up and gave him time to try to relax and get calm.”

“I explained to him that he had already passed out two times, but his recollection at that point was so foggy he didn’t understand. He thought he was fine and was demanding to be put back into the challenge. In fact, I don’t think he even realized that everybody else had already been sent back to camp and the challenge called off.”

“After Russell was removed we then had to make a decision whether to continue with our double tribal council or cancel it.”

I salute Jeff Probst. He remained calm and choose to approach this terrifying event with professionalism. He was afraid when he saw Russel just fell on his knees but Jeff kept the series of events under his control. He made the right decision to stop the challenge and ruled that Russel S needed to leave the game for good.

Some televiewers would probably not agree with what he did but I still give Jeff my respect. Not all reality TV hosts can equal the intensity of what he did. There were no scripts in there and you could not sense a shake in his voice. Maybe there were some we did not see behind the scenes but Jeff was still there and hosting.

Allow me to quote what Jeff said during the Tribal Council,

“It was the scariest moment I ever had on this show.  Nineteen seasons, I have never been more afraid in my life at how bad things were.  Russell was in terrible shape.”

I was glad the crew decided to cancel the double tribal council. Galu Men (Erik, Brett, Dave and John) wanted to oust Monica and I did not absolutely understand why.

They kept saying Monica was a weakling in challenges. OK, let me say Monica was probably weak at some physical aspects of the game but did she fail the group during the gross food challenge? Was she annoying in the camp? Did she regularly complain “It’s very COLD here” when it was raining hard for more than 24 hours?

Sometimes, I find it hard to understand how other people think. They completely think they are in power over the others. This can be very dangerous eh?

Plain and simple folks, I want to be one of those alpha males when I join SURVIVOR but it does not mean I will not be overconfident of my position.

That’s why; it’s quite a shock to see Erik talked a lot during the Tribal Council. His words were way out of the line. He’s becoming a bit overbearing person.

During the tribal council, the competition between Foa Foa and Galu were heating up. Erik was aggressive in exchanging words with Foa Foa and it was not a good sign at all. If Erik thought he’s in a better position that others, that was a big mistake. I wanted Erik to go farther in this game but geez, he’s making some things complicated. And when things gone wrong on your side, everyone wants you out.


Usher, Alicia Keys: Coming out with their New Albums

Usher and Alicia KeysFive years ago, they created My Boo that has been my best collaboration of all time and now, and WIKIPEDIA confirms it folks,

Usher and Alicia Keys are set to release their new studio albums this December 2009. Alicia Keys opens the month with The Element of Freedom.

“I eliminated all of the boundaries and all the limitations, so that you can feel your freedom and express your freedom in every way you possibly can.” Alicia said.

Right now, her debut single “Doesn’t Mean Anything” is at my track list and I am playing it all the time.

At last, he’s really back after a year of waiting.

Usher’s sixth studio album is called Raymond VS Raymond and comes out on the eighth of December. Its debut single entitled “Papers” says it all. I could say I am not 100% into this song but man, all about this song is good.

Usher goes deep, he is letting his emotions flow naturally and he is giving me sets of emotions to feel when a relationships comes to an end. This is what “Papers” is all about.

Usher and Alicia Keys, these two complete me. Their songs are the reason why I am alive and still smiling. With their release of their new “award-winning” masterpieces, this will be a Merry, Merry Christmas to me.

I will not be surprised if I just found myself right at the middle of a music bar and go home holding two discs all at once.

Mark your calendars, folks. No excuses this time!

Ana Ivanovic, Marry Me?

Anci opened 2009 with a straight-set win over Petra Kvitova
Anci opened 2009 with a straight-set win over Petra Kvitova in Brisbane

She was in ‘my dreams’ and I giggled every time I think of her remarkable big forehand and what more can you ask for? Ana (also called as ‘Anci’) opened her 2009 campaign with a convincing win against Czech Republic Petra Kvitova (6-4, 6-2) in Brisbane.

Yesterday, I was reading the q&a section in Anci’s website and geez, it is hard to believe we have lots of similarities.

This young and beautiful Serbian, who was the champion of 2008 Roland Garros, loves music and yeah, she’s into R&B. I am addicted to Rhythm and Blues and it’s unbelievable that my beloved tennis player listens to it before and after her match. That’s hot!

Question from Keisha: Hi Ana. I’ve heard that you like r&b. Do you like Rihanna?

Anci: Yes, she’s one of my favourite singers.

Ana Ivanovic also likes to watch Jack Bauer in 24. I watch 24 too. I marathoned 24’s season one to five right after it brought home the bacon for Best Drama Series in Emmy Awards on 2006.

Then, I took the “Who’s 24 Character Are You?” quiz in and my result revealed David Palmer. David Palmer was an African-American who played the president in season one and two. Surprisingly, the 2008 Linz Open Champion also digs for David Palmer.

You want proof? Here you go,

Question from Marco: I know you love the show 24. Who is your favourite character?

Anci: I really like the character President Palmer.

I don’t drink. Drinking liquor is not an unacceptable activity to those who want to have packs in their stomach (LOL). The former world number one is a good girl. Anci does not also drink.

Question from Deborah: Hi Ana , I’m sure that every player have their own way to celebrate a victory. What about you? How do you celebrate your victory? Good luck

Anci: I usually have a nice dinner with my team. I may have one glass of wine, but I am not a big drinker.

Hi Ana, I think you’re great on the tennis court. I wondered if you drink alcohol and like beer?

Anci: I almost never drink alcohol. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I am not really a good drinker. I would be drunk after just one beer! But very occasionally I will have a glass of wine or champagne.

Not to be forgotten, when Anci was interviewed by Elie Seckbach, a correspondent from Fanhouse, Anci admitted she wants to take up psychology if she’s going to school on a regular basis.

I am much interested in psychology. My four years in school was one of the rockin’ and best moments in my life and I am proud Anci wants to pursue psychology. No doubt, Anci and I have numerous topics to talk about when we are together. We can talk psychlogy the whole day and the whole night.

Oh geez, I am having butterflies in my stomach while watching the video above. I guess I am in love with a woman who doesn’t know my existence at all. Hahaha.

If possible, I just want to book a direct flight in Belgrade now and run towards Anci and hug her tight. Can I also kiss her? Anci was in a romantic relationship with Fernando Verdasco for three months and this man kissed her, why not I?

Please understand my insanity Adam Scott. Kissing Ana Ivanovic certainly satisfies my all. I know, I know, I sound delusional in writing this post but who knows, love will always be a mystery.

And to those people who call my Anci a loser, you are more of a loser than her. Judging her is a big mistake and you are not Sven G, Darren Cahill, Craig Kardon or Scott Brynes, to decide whether or not she’s playing good enough. Folks, why can’t you simply see the positive sides of her weaknesses? Are you one of the richest people listed in Forbes? Anci is.

Anci already won a clay grand slam as a professional of five years. She climbed the number one rank in womens tennis and stayed at that spot for twelve weeks.

She have a downhill career now but it would be nice if we’ll just wait for her come back. She will and you know what, once that level of confidence is under her control, it’s more than a huge party not only in womens tennis but in tennis history as well.

Ana Ivanovic: she’s not only the woman of beauty and talent, her life is also an inspiration everyone can look up to. Anci is a survivor and I wonder if she is also watching SURVIVOR SERBIA (Just kidding!).

Survivor Insights 41: Rain, Rain, Rain

Foa Foa was upset again in back to back challenges and Ashley was voted out.

Who Stood Out?

This episode was quite predictable. Galu was dominating again. All nine members were powerful. Each one of them was doing their own thing to win a challenge.

During the Reward “Gross Food” Challenge, Galu was in fire. They were clearly winning.

Brett was in a bit screwed up with his smoothie against Mick, who drank his smoothie like a thirsty dog but all went well for the Tee-shirt designer. Brett finished his smoothie and another point for Galu.

What Monica did during this challenge was unbelievable. She was not complaining anything. She just drank the “sea urchin” smoothie and done, no puking or whatsoever. This law student was making a statement. Her confidence level was going up as this competition went on.

Unluckily, it was Ashley who brought her tribe down. The “sea slug” smoothie was all too much for her and she could not continue.

But, I was wondering why I did not saw Erik drank a smoothie. Russel S did not sit him out. What went wrong with the editing?

The Immunity Challenge

Russel H and Liz held the basket for Foa Foa and Russel S and Laura for Galu. Before this challenge started, I was already in doubts why Foa Foa chose Russel H for the basket. Russel H was physically strong and he did good but do you think Foa Foa had their chances if they went for Mick or Jaison instead?

Much appreciation for Liz though. She held the basket longer than Russel H. She was clearly having the better arms that time.

Personally, the one name that played this challenge with an ace was John. It was raining hard. They were all wet but John was still in the aggressive position when making his shots.

Ashley did not make a single shot though (based on the editing).

Who to Watch Out?

Rain poured hard in Samoa. It was hard to believe no one wanted to quit. Hooray for them!

But watch out for Shambo. She was pissed for not joining the meat reward after the gross food challenge. Shambo did something great during the challenge and she deserved the reward. However, Shambo chose to be away from the tribe from the very beginning.

Russel S could see that and this was probably one of the reasons why he picked Shambo to visit the other camp. Or, was he threatened by Shambo’s presence?

Ashley’s RNO Interview


Tara and Echo, both ex-Korror members, were ousted one after the other in Tribal Council and became the second and third member of the jury, respectively.

Tara accepted the defeat with no traces of enthusiasm at all. She talked and she cursed like it was all about life and death.

I salute Echo. Although this twist was one of the moments where no one was expecting it, she still chose to accept the decision with an ease.

Echo played a great social game but in the game of SURVIVOR, no one was safe even you think the numbers was on your side.

Seven remaining, four ex-Airais (Shaun, Amanda, Jef and Mika) and three ex-Korrors (Charles, Suzuki and Justine). The three men were in alliance but it was not 100% solid. Shaun was now in the position to roll the game in his hands.

Anything could happen.


Patrick Jane is the man

patrick jane

He reads patterns of behaviors without getting too serious about it.

He always thinks outside the box.

And he understands that “… it’s the good ones that are the most dangerous”

Thanks Bruno Heller for coming up a show like this!