10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I was tagged by my officemate JEAN and it’s pretty interesting to write a post about it. But wait – I seem to have an old-age syndrome right now, lol I forget things and I already find it hard to remember those things in my past. Hear me out though, I’ll try my best to think, think and think… so here it goes and these things are in random:

1) Back when when I was still an infant, my mom and dad considered naming me “Charlie” because my two elder sisters (Cheryl & Jaclyn) got their names from the Classic TV series Charlie’s Angels. That’s weird. It’s hard to imagine if I wrote “Charlie G. Martin” at the top left portion of my white pad paper in grade school. Thanks to Dean Martin and I was formally baptized as Dean Ryan (don’t really know where Ryan came from), remember Dean Martin, the great actor?

2) Before I became an addict to what I love right now, I hate these things in the past. I don’t watch Survivor because it’s out-of-nowhere TV show that’s filled with creepy creatures such as snakes, bugs, flies, etc. I also hate R&B because its beat irritates me, lol. I hate tennis before it’s boring. Lastly, I don’t like to read Harry Potter because I thought those books were works of evil.

3) The first pocketbook I’ve read was when in sixth grade. It’s entitled “The Mystery in the Rainforest” by Eric Wilson.

4) I was a righty when I was still a kid but I really don’t know why I am a lefty now. I started using my left hand after I recovered from viral encephalitis. I was still five years old then and if you do the math, I am a lefty for 19 years. No worries, the top seed in ATP Ranking as of this writing is also a left-handed, none other than Rafael Nadal.

This only proves left-handeds are great people and they do great things!

5) I failed my Algebra in high school (that sucks). I rather write a novel about everything under the sun in consecutive sleepless nights than solving numbers with a, b, c… x, y, z as their variables. Come on, in life, you don’t need numbers with letters with exponents. That’s mental!

The real life is about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division – and I have a tool to do those things for me. It’s called cal-cu-la-tor.

6) Back in sixth grade, I wanted to be an architect. Yet, when I found out that architecture was filled with mathematical analysis, I had second thoughts. In high school, I decided to pursue journalism but my family and relatives said “Most writers are poor.”

This was the reason why I had to take another route. Just by reading a mystery novel written by Dean Koontz “The Key to Midnight,” I got inspired. I realized I’m deeply attached with psychology. It’s in my blood!

7) One of the idiot things I regret about: Falling in love with a girl and her elder sister was my big crush in high school (until now I think, nah – just joking!) and she knew it. My best friend had also a crush on the girl.

Oh geez, this was indeed a love triangle affair and it’s crazy. Therefore, it’s better to move on! Just move on – thinking of Ana Ivanovic is miles better, lol.

8) Until now, I still wish that I have a twin brother. But I’m aware that it can never happen anymore, my biological mom died in 1992 and she’s now in heaven.

9) I once thought of killing myself when I was still a teenager. The reasons: Family problems, disability issues, paranoia, depression, lack of self-awareness, drastically low self-esteem. I was a screwed high-school kid, eh?


10) I have a hard time thinking about this. This might be the biggest revelation of all ————————

I don’t eat fresh coconuts: coconut juice and coconut “buko” salad to be exact. I eat those manufactured coconut products like Nata de coco and coconut candy – but eating it fresh, bribe me first.

Damn it, how I am going to survive Survivor should I continue to dislike coconuts?

7 thoughts on “10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. Ryan was taken from Ryan O’Neil of the hit 80’s film: Cannonball. Mommy loved his character there so much that she picked it as your 2nd name. Now you know. ;o)

    PS: may na lang wala ka naghikug. you wouldn’t be a true blue survivor if you did.

    gudjab, bro!


  2. “left-handeds are great people and they do great things!” and you are really really GREAT!
    I’m a left handed too. hehe Reading this post almost makes me cry. God Bless always my friend and former officemate. Ajah!


  3. wow! DR na pa bilib mo ako sa mga sulat mo…napaiyak mo din ako..cheer up!!! you’re the best man in this world..God love’s you..and He has a great purpose in your life..


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