#Survivor Insights 263: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 3)

A safe blanket protects you from inevitable harm. It is your life insurance. You don’t know when it is needed but you still need it when the right time comes.

My Early Favorite – Update: Safe | More Lessons: Episode 1Episode 2

Vince Moua, 27, California

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#Survivor Insights 262: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 2)

Unexpected things happen all the time. You either see it coming or not, be prepared anyway.

My Favorite – Update: Safe | More Lessons Episode 1

Molly Byman voted out in Survivor Island of The Idols.
Molly Byman, 27, California

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#Survivor Insights 261: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 1)

It is good to have a plan. Planning is good. Just plan right and, be flexible as the plan starts to roll forward. A good plan is different from over-planning. Over-planning is unhealthy, especially when it involves others to take action. It is unhealthy for your mindset. It is also unhealthy for others to listen to.

My Early Favorite – Update: Safe

Ronnie Bardah, 35, Nevada

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#Survivor Insights 260: Island of The Idols – My Early Favorite

It is my routine to choose a set of favorites before a new season unfolds. I expect myself to pick 4 people from two different tribes – one male and one female for each regardless of age. Sometimes, I chose 6 if there are three tribes.

This upcoming 39th season is a different and special one.

For the first time in the history of the show, my namesake is in the new cast. Been waiting for this moment for long, 18 years to be exact. This Dean will represent our brand name in front of the million fans and Survivor Alumni worldwide.

I know this sounds crazy. This is my first time doing it, I am taking the risk to bet on Dean Kowalski alone.

Win, lose, blindsided, I am on #TeamDean all the way!

The first time I saw his CBS Profile, Dean appears to be an ideal pick to win. He looks young, he looks ripped and he sounds intelligent. His video application exudes confidence. Anyone can also feel envious of his work resume.

Some would only say, “Nah, this man does not need the money.”

A Googler Executive, a former teacher, a basketball player – Dean makes himself a triple threat. Tracing back, alpha males rarely win. They are either voted out early or blindsided before the final four.

Yet, this is not always the case. Joining a reality competition show is neither all about money or how attractive you can be. Given, not every one can win the million dollars. Given, this prize money won’t feed you and your family forever. Yet, competing on Survivor is a life experience – it does not happen on anyone every day.

Especially when you have a namesake for the first time Hahaha.

Dean Kowalski in Survivor Island of The Idols

Interestingly, Dean looks up to Wendell Holland – he was an alpha in season 36 who eventually won. Dean wishes to follow his quiet leadership.

Wendell was smart and calm most of the time. He created an alliance early. In fact, he is one of my 4 favorite winners of all time despite of a disappointing season.

In a game filled with backstabbers and feign friends, Wendell made Domenick his shield. This was an unbreakable shield helping Wendell throughout the game.

As for a newcomer, this is a tough assignment but Dean describes himself as jovial, observant and likeable. With these qualities played on the mix, any tough assignment can be made easy. It may not be as easy as drinking water. It is a process. It might take time, some sacrifices too, but it is realistically possible.

Probably, the key question here is not if he wins or not. Nothing is black and white in Survivor. Every thing is possible.

Real champions, like those 37 sole survivors, adjust. For this reason and with Boston Rob and Sandra as iconic mentors, it intrigues me how will Dean downplay his strong personality to get far.

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#Survivor Insights 259: Reasons Why Chris Deserves The Title of Sole Survivor

1) With his current reputation, Chris can inspire more younger adults of today’s generation. His experience in Edge of Extinction serves as a story of hope of survival. His story fuels the younger and future generations to become the best versions of who they are.

If Chris releases his Survivor autobiography today, I will buy it asap in hardcover. Mark my words.

2) Given. Chris was eliminated early but as a new rule, he was given a choice either to stay or to quit. He stayed but in exchange, he needed to survive the psychological turmoil of a desolate island. Then, they were given a chance to return, he lost to Rick Devens. The second time they played a challenge, he won fair and square against the most competitive returning player, Joe.

Moral lesson here is: Chris continues to aspire to redeem himself even after days of psychological turmoil in EoE.

As Chris said in an interview conducted by SheKnows, “That is the game. It’s not Survivor: Season 5 anymore. It’s developed, changed and that part of keeping players on their toes to keep fans excited. You’ve got to be able to leverage the theme.”

Chris Underwood, 25, California
Chris Underwood, 25, California

3) When Chris returned in the game proper, his story stayed uncertain. He failed to win a necklace around his neck. His communication skill saved him, however. He outwitted Lauren and relied on her hidden idol to secure a spot in the Final 5. It worked!

4) Road to Final 3. Chris won the final immunity but gave it to Julie, which was an all-or-nothing strategy to prove himself he can win “not just because.” He understood the calculated risk and made it happen. With the right strategy, he outplayed Devens in fire making challenge.

5) Chris received 9 of the 13 votes to win. This is an enough evidence to hail him as one of the best sole survivors in history – in the Top 5 even. If there is anyone who can accurately evaluate Chris’ overall game, his strengths and weaknesses, it’s the jury. No one else.

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