Spastic Me

with a belgian mallinios that isn’t mine. his name is django

It is not easy to be me!

Living with a permanent physical disability is a complicated test with no correct or wrong answers. All I want to do have limitations.

Poor self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, being isolated- name it, I experienced it all! I’m always a victim of labeling too. Shallow people will call me “different and abnormal.” It sucks. Indeed, having physical disability with a weak immune system is a misery.


When I was still in my late childhood, I had a hard time dealing with myself. Back then, I couldn’t understand my life. It was futile! I had no self-confidence even a bit. I hardly socialize with people. I was even afraid to talk with my cousins in such a way that when I talked to them, they might suddenly laugh at me.

During my elementary years, I felt embarrassed with my classmates and my teachers. I didn’t even recite in class. I didn’t even have the courage to report in front of the class. I was certainly an aloof.

In high school, it’s my first time when I got the nerve to report in class. I remembered my first reporting in Technology and Home Economics (THE). I was nervous then. Extremely!

I had visual aids but my mouth was somehow dry. My voice was crack. I couldn’t relax and I felt intimidated. My classmates may mock at me, I thought. Such a weird and strange feeling that time.

On the other hand, I improved a bit during class participation. I learned to express my point of views. I had friends; however, I still had no identity on my own.

I was still upset and confused about my purpose in this world. Life that time, was a boring routine. I came to a point that everything was useless and dull. I felt inferior when I was with people.

My self-esteem was drastically low. Whatever I do or say, I felt criticized and condemned. I fulfilled some of my high school dreams such as becoming a literary editor yet my life was still hazy.

My father wanted me to pursue computer science in college but I prefer BS Psychology. I know, computer science might be the most useful course for me – but I wanted to unlock the mysteries behind human behavior. I wanted to understand myself. I grew up as a confused individual and with psychology, I might make a change and learn to stand with my own decision.

Sometimes, I hate myself for being a disable but I need to love myself no matter what body structure fate gave me.

Humans are more complicated than computers. It’s the truth. Computers work in algorithms, the human mind is not. I can learn the whereabouts of web programming and all that technical matters even I’m not a graduate of computer science.

After college, I realized that life was unfair. There were always inaccurate labeling and gossips behind my back even if you tried to please people.

You might think the closest people around you are proud of your achievements but it turned out to be, they are not. They will nail you down until your ego is smashed into pieces. If these people don’t love me then I can’t force them to do so.

Inside me, I know that my mom is always watching from above. She’ll give me the courage I need all the time.

Sad to say, the level of pain remains the same. I just get used to it until I seem to feel numb. Like computers, our lives can also run in algorithms. You can have the choice to do what you think is right but, there are still things that are beyond your control.

Life has many divisions and you can’t always have what you want. It is frustrating to be a human sometimes, what’s more if you’re a disable.

That’s life, it goes on no matter how horrible it is. Now that I have realized my own strength and weaknesses, I’ve learned to balance my self-esteem. Just move on whatever it takes.

Whatever criticisms that come my way, I know I can manage it by taking baby steps forward.

It hurts to be criticized but I need to deal with it. There’s no other effective way of solving your problems than moving yourself toward it, right?

All they say against me is only a mere opinion of their own and not facts about me. In life, what matters most is how you see yourself in the crowd. If you see yourself as a loser then you’ll become one.

There’s only one you and me in this world. Whoever you are – boy, girl, young, old, gay, bisexual, lesbian, nerd, hot, ectomorph, gifted mesomorph, introvert, extrovert, doctor, paralyzed, mentally-retarded, jerk, player, white, black, tall, petite, athlete, prostitute, porn star or businessman, you can still stand tall and make a difference.

Yes, life is a journey that is filled with roadblocks and detours. But people, myself included, can still survive.

Fighting my physical and psychological insecurities is the greatest battle I need to survive. It’s like a curse of fate – a test. It’s not my choice to be one but what can I do? Quit?

Nah, quitters never win. I don’t consider myself a winner. I am a survivor. A survivor understands his limitations. He gets tired but he never quits.

For whatever I want to believe and whatever happens to me, I am going to survive the spastic me.

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