SurvivorDean 2010 Year-End Countdown

#12 Carry Out: Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake

Few years back, Timbaland caught everyone’s attention with his Apologize side-by-side with One Republic. In 2010, the man is back and he’s CARRY-ING OUT  a good music with Justin Timberlake.

#11 I Am: Mary J. Blige

Stronger with Each Tear reached number one at US R&B Album Billboard Charts and as the second single of the album, I AM only proves Mary J. Blige can treat anyone’s ear two-times better than any artists.

#10 Bittersweet: Fantasia Barrino

It’s good that Fantasia Barrino has ended his exploration stage and focus on her roots. The experience may have been BITTERSWEET for her but the fact that this single is one of the nominees for 2011 Grammy Award Best R&B Song, the American Idol Season 3 Winner is keeping all things real and good.

#9 I Love the Way You Lie: Eminem ft. Rihanna

Without Rihanna, Eminem might have a problem carrying out this song into its new heights. Eminem tells a story and Rihanna completes the whole picture as she sings the chorus. I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE is a very popular song of 2010 and I will be surprised if it does not bag the 2011 Grammy Award for Record of the Year.

#8 Sex Music: Tank

This is certainly the best SEX MUSIC to date and will surely get you horny while on the club.

#7 Love All Over Me: Monica

If there is a dark horse artist in 2010, this would be Monica. She was like the Alicia Keys before Alicia Keys. Her version of LOVE ALL OVER ME has captured your inner senses, making it reach the number two spot in US Billboard. Have you seen the music video? Man, that’s dope!

#6 Yesterday: Toni Braxton ft. Trey Songz

YESTERDAY is certainly the best duo of 2010. Putting Toni Braxton and Trey Songz in one song will yield a realization that love is a puff of a smoke. When it’s gone, it might be very disgusting and it will never ever come back.

#5 Just A Dream: Nelly

Having reached the third highest spot in US Billboard Hot 100, JUST A DREAM instantly caught my attention the first time I listen to it. I saw a different Nelly away from the Nellyville in 2002 and you know what, that’s a good thing.

#4 One In A Million: Ne-yo

My number one favorite song in Neyo’s fourth studio album – The Libra Scale. ONE IN A MILLION sounds light, true and is definitely one of the very bests in Music History.

#3 Can’t Be Friends: Trey Songz

Anyone can love or hate Trey. Many of his songs are about sex but with CAN”T BE FRIENDS, you can see the real emotions in Trey Songz. The type of Trey who’s in pain and is trying to survive a bad break-up.

#2 Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys always makes a good impression when she released a new album. I was not quite impress with her debut Doesn’t Mean Anything but when she backed it up with a song as stirring as TRY SLEEPING WITH A BROKEN HEART, Alicia immediately puts you in a world of nothingness and survival. For the record, this song is the critics’ favorite in the album (Element of Freedom) and it landed number two in US R&B Billboard Chart.

#1 There Goes My Baby: Usher

This song summarizes the one side of Raymond vs Raymond. THERE GOES BY BABY is certainly the best single in the album that can grow in you as you listen to it over and over again.  I am sure that’s also one of the big reasons why Usher captures the heart of Grammy Critics putting him as one of the nominees for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance.

There Goes By Baby obtained the number two spot in 2010 Year-End Countdown in US R&B Billboard Chart while Usher ranks #1 as the Best Billboard R&B  Artist of 2010. He is also #6 in the Top 50 R&B/Hip-Hop Artists for the Past 25 Years.

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