Survivor Insights 56: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- The First Blindside

It made me sad to see Cirie go. Cirie is one of the great puppetmaster to play SURVIVOR and it’s hard to imagine she will no longer be a part of the jury of what I’ll consider “The Best Survivor Season to Date.”

JT made the strongest move to vote out Cirie. He knew he was Cirie’s target and before all things fall for him, JT made a big step forward the game and sided with Tom and Colby. At last, JT made it without Stephen on his side. He made this call on his own. This was somewhat a risky call considering Tom and Colby are stronger than him in terms of strength.

Yet, never belittle JT. JT was the Immunity King back in Season 18 and who knows, JT plays a great social game this season, be in power cards and will cruise through the jury.

The problem with Cirie was: she did not orchestrate a system for her survival. Her focus was on Tom and Colby and in a nutshell, going against the alpha males was, sometimes, not enough.

This Week’s Reward Challenge: Slip, Slide and Score

Parvati sat out for the Villains and to my delight, I saw Courtney in the competition. Courtney never participated in  the two consecutive Reward/Immunity Challenges.

What happen to Courtney? She was all skin-and-bones. Seeing her on the roll reminded me of Ken back in Gabon. These two were truly ‘hardgainers’ but they never give up (unlike Coach). Courtney loss to Candice but that’s fine, Villains still won because of Tyson.

Tyson upset Colby and that’s all that matters. Coach outplayed Colby during the first reward episode and now, it’s Tyson’s turn. Boston Rob could not just escape Colby’s aggression in episode three but no worries, there’s more to come. I look forward to seeing the ‘fire’ in Villains outlaying Colby, LOL.

This Week’s Immunity Challenge: Roll with it

At last, the challenge that’s never been completed in the past was back. And guess who won?

Of course, it’s the Villains. It’s really a neck-in-neck fight between the two tribes. The Heroes played well. They were so close at winning. Yet, at the last minute of the game, Boston Rob handled the game better than Tom and yeah, they rock. Villains escaped the Tribal Council.

Hidden Immunity

The next episode will be an exciting one for sure. With the hidden immunity out in the play and Tom already used it during the Tribal Council, who can have it on the Villains?

Russel was not thinking right when he discovered the clue. It was already in his hands and all he needed to do was keep it. That’s frustrating to see Mr. Hantz!

Should the Villains loss Immunity, Russel will be officially on the chopping board in the next episode.

I hope I’m wrong.

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