Survivor Insights 62: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- The King and Queen of SURVIVOR

The Unbelievable JT

Jeff Probst says: “It’s easy to say it’s a silly idea when you’re watching from home and you know what everybody else is saying and doing.  All JT had to go on was the mistaken belief that Russell was in trouble was probably going to be voted out.  JT reasoned that if they merged then the female alliance would take over the game.  But, if he could save Russell then Russell would be free to join the heroes and they would have the numbers at the merge and JT and his alliance would be in good shape (Jeff’s blog).”

It’s really crazy to think JT did the un-thinkable. He directly rolled himself into the history books. Wishes granted. Unfortunately, it was certainly JT’s biggest mistake. What was he thinking? Giving the hidden idol to an enemy (not just an ordinary enemy, the enemy was Russel Hantz) was like living in a deserted place and there’s nowhere to hide.

The decision was not stupid though. It was a superb strategy if it’s played in the correct zones. However, none of his assumptions were true.  Those assumptions clouded JT to think rationally and sad to say, these assumptions killed his chances. In the game of SURVIVOR, it might be better to ask questions with no answers rather than create a set of assumptions that are entirely not true. Agree? Like it or not, JT’s biggest mistake was, he did not change his mind.

“What is wrong with him? I cannot believe that kid won.” -Parvati

Writing the letter to Russel was an insane idea. This was like giving an advice to an evil to not to steal. Oh man watching this scene was completely a mess for JT— but it was completely hilarious though. Hilarious in such a way that you are questioning yourself what certain things did JT learn while in Brazilian Highlands.

“The guy who won this game in Brazil now wants to give away the single most powerful weapon in the game to the single most untrustworthy person left in the game? It boggles the mind.  It’s one of the most jaw-dropping decisions I’ve heard in the last 769 days of Survivor.” -Jeff Probst

Queen Parvati, King Russel

“It’s not all Russell running the show around here.  He’s not the King of Survivor.  I’m the Queen.  And usually the King does what the Queen says anyways, so I’m cool.” -Parvati

I understood that she turned her back against Russel for a while. She voted for Coach last week but forget about that. Parvati found the hidden immunity in their camp and that’s a big ‘Oh yeah.’ What does this mean? Is she safe now? Is she the most powerful virus to overpower the villainest of the villains?

There are a lot of questions in my mind right now but one thing is for sure, I am proud of Parvati. I totally respect her for not only finding the idol but also for playing SURVIVOR in 100 days.

Part of the jury before then capped a win in Micronesia and now, Parvati was with her immunity idol and with Danielle on her side. HOT! Not 70% sure but I am quite sure Danielle will not stab Parvati on the back. Perhaps, the other way round but no! Try to remember: Danielle chose to stay loyal with Aras back in season 12 although she had a short-term alliance with Terry. She chose Aras to sit next to her although she completely aware that Aras could be the sole survivor. Then Aras won over her but you know what, I still adored with what Danielle did. She’s showing flexibility in her game.

When she and Parvati left their group inside the Outback Steakhouse and Parvati was kinda helping her to keep the clue in her “boobs,” it was just like: was there still a hotter moment than this?

These two girls are like the Jerri-Amber in Australian Outback and the Stephen-JT in Tocantins. If Parvati and Danielle will continue to work with each other, this alliance is as powerful as Planet Jupiter and Saturn combined. (Hehehe).

Just be extra careful though. The Queen is the most powerful piece in a chess game. Parvati is the QUEEN. She can now move anywhere in the board but even the Queen has limitations. One unnecessary wave of mistake move for Parvati, it’s checkmate.

“Good Luck, Bitches.”

Voting out Courtney was a win-loss event for the Villains. Yes, the Villains were certainly sitting in the front row with the two hidden immunities. Yet, the game is not over. It’s 5 Heroes against the 5 Villains and Sandra finds it hard to trust his tribe now that Courtney took the fall.

Sandra can easily slide out the Villains’ zone and sit beside the Heroes as soon as they are merged. It’s scared to think about it. Perhaps Courtney has a point of calling them “bitches” while exiting the Tribal Council. Bitches because the tribe do not know how annoying they are and they don’t know what they were losing.

Courtney was not physically competitive in challenges. She’s “very” skinny, skinnier than Amanda. Courtney even reminds me of Ken back in Season 17. That’s why; it’s good to see her perform at her best during this week’s Reward Challenge. This challenge was absolutely made for her, no strength and muscles are required, and Courtney nailed it. KUDOS for her!

What will happen now? This can be a stirring episode next week for sure. I have clues but to have the real answers, I need to wait. Wait for another seven days and get ready to ride on a rollercoaster. Sandra is certainly swimming on the other side of the maze and I think that’s kinda expected. What I look forward to are:

  • How will Russel and Parvati protect their pawns (Danielle and Jerri)?
  • Will Russel switch sides and blindside someone (Just don’t be Parvati)?
  • Will Parvati use her hidden immunity idol?
  • What happen to JT? JT is the last castaway from Tocantins and even as a comeback winner, he still stays longer. I salute JT for that even the letter-to-Russel did not work.

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