Survivor Insights 68: Sandra Wins Survivor Heroes vs Villains

Five Good Reasons Why Sandra Won

1) Sandra has a good fluidity appropriate for the game. Sandra already won SURVIVOR in Season 7 and as expected, that makes her a threat, right? But all things went differently for Sandra. She was sailing through nice and slowly, not winning any challenges but every now and then, she allowed herself to be a part of a ‘powerful’ alliance until she makes the finish line.

2) Sandra’s Tell-Me-Who-You-Want-Out strategy was kept down under which was invisible to the naked eye. During the final four, Russel was the front runner to oust anyone however, he allowed himself to be devoured by his irrational insights, closed a deal with Sandra (who he thought he can beat) and voted out Jerri.

3) Sandra did not hurt anyone. She managed to play a ‘risky and unpredictable’ game but still getting the respect of everyone else. During the announcement, Sandra got three more votes over Parvati. That means, three more people (Candice, JT, Colby) who still respected her although Sandra voted them out.

4) Sandra has nothing to lose. Either she wins a challenge or not, Sandra was regularly digging deep to save her own skin. She wanted others to belittle her. She wanted others to side with her for their advantage. Therefore, her overall game was right in the middle and she executed this plan until she gets to the top once more.

5) Sandra’s power of persuasion was too powerful. Remember that episode when Courtney was supposed to be going home and ended up with Coach? That was all Sandra and Russel bought it with open arms. Is it luck? Yes. Is it strategic? Not exactly. Come on. That was a basic A-B-C lie and quite unacceptable for any experienced castaways to believe it. That only means Russel took the bait and his decision to bring Sandra into the final three handed Sandra the title.

Let me quote what Sandra answered in her interview in Reality News Online with David Bloomberg. She said:

“You can be strong when the tribe is a tribe but the minute you’re an individual, you’re not going to win every challenge. Me being a weak player was strategy. People who want to play should write that down and remember – if you’re strong, be careful. If you’re weak… that’s how I play.”

The Unexpected

Parvati was always in the chopping board since Episode 1. But a lot of things went crazy and help Parvati earned the runner-up title. That was so close. She was only down with three votes. Three more votes to make her the first sole survivor in two seasons. But that’s fine! I am completely satisfied with how Parvati played the entire game.

Three Reasons Why:

1) Parvati is the Immunity Queen of the Season. She won three immunity challenges and two of these in back-to-back. What’s so great about it is, she wins the most important challenges. If she did not win the IC against Rupert, she went home. If she did not outlast Colby during the Final Five IC, she went home. These are the challenges that are vital for her and strategically-wise, Parvati aced it BIG TIME.

2) Parvati controlled her emotions well. With all the hunger, exhaustion and sleepless nights, Parvati found a way to connect with her inner self. Day by day, Tribal Council after another, she took the time to re-focus for her survival. During the final four, I was totally expecting her to join the jury when she did not win the final immunity challenge. However, Parvati did not give up. She made use of all the possible shots she still had and get through.

3) Parvati knows how to play a hidden idol. That was her shinning moment and admit it folks, giving the two immunity idols while securing yourself a ‘safe’ spot is totally a risky decision. This is not about scientific methodology. This is pure instincts. Parvati feels when all she sees is blank.

Reality News Online said: “Everyone saw it and no one can deny it. Plus, by doing it all on her own, Parvati is the only person who can claim this move. She wasn’t riding anyone’s coattails, and no one was riding hers… On top of that, she proved that she’s not just a pretty face – she has some brains, too. And she earned herself a Reality TV Hall of Fame Moment.”

Russel, Russel, Russel (Sprint Player of the Season)

I assume everyone knows why he did not get a single vote. Russel hurt the jury so bad and he did not do anything right ’till the last minute of the game. He accepted all his mistakes during the Q&A with the jury but it was too late, it’s still game over for Russel.

12 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 68: Sandra Wins Survivor Heroes vs Villains

  1. Read it didn’t agree with much…. mostly with the Sandra stuff. I don’t think Sandra had much to do with getting rid of Coach. Russell had to get rid of Coach or the Heroes would have second thoughts about an all girl alliance. Also I don’t see how Sandra had any kind of a risky game play. Sandra made it to the finals because Russell just couldn’t see the jury respecting her game over his or at least Parvati’s. I think Russell would have been okay if Parvati won. I liked the part about Parvati. I don’t however, think she was saving herself by wining individual immunity, unless Colby won. And I was a little confused on what you said about Russell and how he didn’t do anything right until the end. I felt he was in control of most of the game (ex. Rob getting voted out instead of him early in the game).


  2. @Mike Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Sandra did play a very ‘risky’ game because she had no alliance coming to merge. Sandra was all alone, she hated her tribe but she has no choice and her only way of survival is to go with the power players like Russel. She already knew that if Russel will take her to the finals, she can immediately get the jury’s votes.

    Russel was in control of the game. Yes, that’s right and that was only realized in the earlier part of the game. The big problem is, Russel played a very aggressive game during the final stages of the game when all he needs to do is to shut up. He was all around the corner, talking to anyone dictating them what to do. As I see it, that’s the reason why he remains to be an obnoxious pest in the jury’s eye.


  3. The key to Survivor is managing the perception others have of you, and others have of others. Sandra wins Survivor everytime because she’s a master at that. I think she knows w/ precision how every single person perceives every other person and tells the right stories to the right people to massage those perceptions to her benefit. A good example of this was in the Finale at F4 when she tells Russell that she’s happy to get to the end, happy to get the $100,000, understands no one’s going to vote for her. Of course she knew that it was load of crap, but it secured her position in the Final 3. Russell is obviously a complete disaster at managing his perception, and Parvati failed slightly too with her inability to get Russell’s stench off of her.


  4. Not sure how to just respond so I’ll just leave another comment.
    I understand why Russell lost and your right. I guess I can see how Sandra was being risky by trying to get rid of Russell. If Russell, Parvati, or Danielle found out about that then maybe she would be gone because they would see her as a threat. Then, however, I read comments Danielle had said in an interview and she said herself, Parvati, and Sandra had an agreement to get rid of Russell late in the season, so who knows how long that alliance went back.


  5. @Mike Where have you watched that interview with Danielle?

    If there was a plan of getting rid of Russel, I assume it never happened because Parvati protected him. Parvati wanted to bring Russel into the finals because she can beat him. During the final four, Parvati figured it out that Sandra was getting the jury’s votes but Russel did not believe her. Russel still voted against Jerri.


  6. SurvivorDean I actually sent you a friend request on facebook because i’ve been having trouble leaving another comment it just doesn’t seem to working

    This is Mike new name for now on Mike Cif


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