#Survivor Insights 246: Edge of Extinction – My Early Favorites

Survivor welcomes 2019 with Edge of Extinction. Premiering in February 20, season 38 introduces a new twist that is fairly similar to Redemption Island in season 22.


According to Jeff Probst, the Edge of Extinction is an island. Every player eliminated in each episode will be given a chance either to bid farewell for good or stay in an island where they are tested psychologically.

Back in Redemption Island, it’s expected to have a duel until one is left and returns to the game. Andrea won the final duel if I remember it correctly.

In Edge of Extinction, nothing is there. Zero. An eliminated player who will choose to stay there will wait for an unknown. He or she is allowed to quit if they choose to.

This theme isn’t entirely a new formula. It may or may not challenge the characters of the story, but hopefully, it’s a lot better than Ghost Island in season 36.

In Redemption Island, there were only two returners. One was voted off early, the other ended up winning. This season, however, there are four and three of them played three times.

Who among Joe Anglim, Aubry Bracco, Kelley Wentworth or David Wright will follow the footsteps of Boston Rob?

No one knows the answer. Unless, of course, there are new brave souls in the 14 who can outwit, outplay, outlast and stop the reign of those Titans.

To stay fair and square, I get to read profiles and watch interviews before selecting an early favorite. There are two tribes of nine this season.

Therefore, I’ve chosen two males and two females (a newbie and a returner) in each group regardless of their age.


Survivor Edge of Extinction - Manu

Lauren O’Connell, 21, Student

Lauren is an attractive 21-year-old student at Baylor University. She currently lives in Waco Texas. She is a collegiate athlete and a part of the women’s soccer team. At such a young age, she already believes her resilience and grit are her personal claim to fame. Her favorite survivors are Parvati Shallow and Kelley Wentworth.

Can’t wait to see how her game evolves when she discovers she’s playing with her favorite. Will she use the moment to her advantage? Or, will she go against her?

Kelley Wentworth, 31, Marketing Manager

Kelley is now a 31-year-old marketing manager residing in Seattle Washington. She’s already a game veteran who lasted for 38 days the last time she played in season 31. Though in season 29, she exited early. She believes she already proved to everyone that she’s a real competitor. She returns for the third time with one mission in mind – WIN.

… But to win requires baby steps. Kelley knows she’s a threat, how will she use this perception to last longer?


Survivor Edge of Extinction - Kama

Eric Hafemann, 34, Firefighter

As same age as me, Eric is a 34-year-old firefighter living in Livermore California. He loves his job. He loves being a dad too, but he clearly understands the line that separates his personal life from the game. In Survivor, he chooses to play as Tony Vlachos – the sole survivor of season 28. Like Tony, he plans to work on every angle with everyone all the time.

Life rewards humility. Eric approves it. He is a humble perceptive man, but how will he cope in a game that is filled with social politics and 17 stronger colliding personalities?

Joe Anglim, 29, Multimedia Artist

Joe is a Titan of the game. Like Wentworth, this is his third time but never made the finish line. In Worlds Apart (season 30), Joe lasted for 24 days before becoming the second jury member. In Second Chance, Joe won four consecutive individual immunity challenges before voted out in Day 32.

Most likely a triple threat upon his return, it’s worth taking a risk to root for Joe. His tribe needs his challenge-beast personality for them to win.

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Photos Courtesy of: Entertainment Weekly