Survivor Insights 55: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Landslide Defeat for the Villains

It’s a miracle Parvati escaped the vote. Oh yeah! I could not understand how she survived it after all those ‘dirty’ talks behind her back. Almost everyone in her tribe wanted her out. Jerri called her a virus, Randy called her the queen and Coach considered her the “most dangerous player on our tribe.”

Virus? Yes, this episode allowed us to see and feel the ‘virus’ in Parvati. Parvati fought hard for her dear life and once again, she used her charm to get to everyone. Surprisingly, the ‘virus’ still worked for her advantage. It’s not a bad virus after all, it’s a good virus. The addictive one, LOL

Parvati on Russel: It was pretty a funny scene to see Russel flirting with Parvati. It’s pretty hard to believe even the Evil Russel couldn’t ignore the virus eh? I wondered what’s inside Russel’s mind that time and it’s the first time I’ve seen him acted that way.

It’s understandable that it’s hard to ignore the type of virus Parvati has the ability to bring. The virus was stronger than flu and colds. If I were in Russel’s shoe, I would have done the same.

As I see it, Russel has not forgotten his game plan. Even he buried the machete to create chaos in the tribe,  Russel still has needs and to be next with Parvati that close, come on, forget the game for a while and enjoy. (I just hope he and his wife are still together until now, Mrs. Hantz it’s only a game, the Mr. Hantz as your husband is a different subject)

Parvati on Jerri: Tensions start to crack between these two. Just imagine if one sleeping volcano will instantly erupt unexpectedly and the lava is just flowing uncontrollably. That would certainly be the scene to watch. Even Jeff Probst called itSurvivor Black Widow Shooooooooooowdown!”

Jerri: “Every time I’m around her I want to punch her in the face.”

Parvati: “She’s just a bitter old cougar.”

Who’s side are you in?

No hurtful words for Jerri though. I want them both to stay longer but if worst happens, I wish the best of luck for Parvati.

Rob/Sandra: These two stood strong as a team. If not for them, Parvati went home. Let’s face it, the Russel-power did not work without the help of Rob and Sandra. If I was Russel, it’s nicer to forget the big ego in my head and work with Rob and Sandra with Parvati on the line. This could be a dangerous alliance, anyone can cut throat but it’s an interesting one, right?

“Russell continues to miss his single greatest strategic opportunity – Boston Rob. Stop working against Rob and work with him. What’s wrong with you! Rob and Russell together could take it all the way to the end. It’s so easy to see when you’re not stuck in the middle of it.” Jeff Probst blogs.

Episode 3: Reward/Immunity Challenge

I did not like this challenge. The fact that Villains lose it on a landslide, the whole concept was also completely unfair. It’s all about strength and balance. That means, if you a person with stronger pair of arms and legs like James, boom, you ace this challenge. No question. Yet, some of the match-ups during the challenge were interesting to watch.

Candice vs Parvati: The Cook-Islands fever was back! I thought Parvati would win this clash but Candice stood at the right angles and kept her balance in check. Get on her feet and just became aggressive maiming Parvati down.

WINNER: Candice

Colby vs Boston Rob: This was probably the tightest clash of all the pairs. These two men had given their all (power and timing) . It was just a matter of balance and given the fact it’s all slippery on board, Colby handled the situation correctly and more aggressively.


Amanda vs Danielle: Danielle started strong. She had Amanda in her hands but when Amanda spins around the board, that was the right timing for her to turn things in her way. She quickly took that advantage and..

WINNER: Amanda

JT vs Tyson: These two men were in the same boat during the clash. They played the game as if they can read each other’s minds. Yet, JT emerged as the better player in the end and controlled Tyson.


The James-Randy match was like an icing on the cake. I knew James would win. There’s no further question about it. Randy tried to distract James with his words but nothing happened. James downs Randy in one punch, leaving the Villains in great frustration, 8-0.

(Watch the HD video below)

After the challenge, I am sure you recognized the rest of the editing was focused on Team Villains. The series of events was in fire. Parvati or Randy? Randy or Parvati? With all respect to Randy, I admired the way he fought for his life. He remained to stay logical in his reasoning.

However, the game is called SURVIVOR and things got rough most of the time.

I feel for Randy this time but his under-the-radar playing style does not work completely work for him. I waited for the season 17’s ‘Nasty’ Randy to come forward during the first episode of HvV. In fact, Russel reminded me of Randy the first time I saw Mr. Hantz in Samoa.

“The tribe has spoken” and for that, everyone said goodbye to Randy.

Randy’s Exit Interview

Watch the Reward/Immunity Challenge

Villains First Tribal Council: What each tribe member had to say as they cast their votes

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