Rackets of the Pros

Three of my favorites in ATP and WTA tennis circuit market their sponsorred rackets with an awesome degree of greatness and prolificness. Ana Ivanovic became a champion in Roland Garros 2008 with YONEX. Novak Djokovic claimed his 12th ATP singles-title in Dubai with HEAD while Fernando Verdasco made a semi-fantastic run in Australian Open 2009 with TECHNOFIBRE.

TENNIS-OPEN-AUS-IVANOVICSince 2008 of Toray Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo, Ana Ivanovic was using the Yonex RQiS 1 Tour XL. According to Tennnis-Warehouse.com, this racket “offers plenty of classic Yonex-feel with lots of comfort and silky response to every shot.

“The XL is for extra light, and this one offers a fast and maneuverable feel. At net, the racquet feels crisp and solid. There’s ample feel for touch shots and enough pop to punch volleys deep. When serving, the racquet offers an excellent combination of pace and spin to help you get the point started aggressively. Intermediate to advanced level players looking for a control oriented racquet that’s also maneuverable should take the Yonex RQiS 1 Tour XL for a spin.”

djokovicheadJanuary 1, 2009– this was the date when Novak Djokovic closed a long-term partnership with HEAD YOUTEK.

Tennis Identity.com reveals this racket “offers a technology that adapts to every shot you hit using its d3oTM in the shaft. d3o is a “smart material” that dramatically changes its behavior under impact.

“It reacts to the needs of a player in nano seconds providing a softer touch and better feel on slow speed impacts, like slices and drop shots, and increasing in stiffness to create power on high speed impacts, like serves and passing shots.”

verdascotechnofibreFor eight years now, Fernando Verdasco’s choice of racket is Tecnifibre TFight 320 VO2 Max– tagged as the “livelier and more responsive racket.” The Tennis Warehouse.com says “it has a maneuverable and crisper feel adding a zip on the shots. Either playing or serving on the baseline, this racket provides better access to spin and pace. Advance players surely enjoys the deep volleys and fast swings.”

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