Full Body Workout for Men

Get ripped by performing the 60-minute workout three times a week. The video below will show you 33 full body exercises ideally made for men, courtesy of GymRa – your online personal trainer.

Are you ready? If yes, wait no more. Say no excuses. Say no complains. Just grab a pair of dumbbells that weigh between 10 to 20 pounds and a fitness mat.

Dumbbells are used for strength training while the fitness mat is used for core enhancement.

Make sure you’re in a calm outdoor environment like the one showed in the video. Exercising outdoors is an advantage. You’ll have fresh air and everything that surrounds you feels open and light.

If not, stay inside your bedroom. It’s still possible. You just need to play the video below and follow the routines in front of the mirror.

Remember: Follow the sequence as shown for great results. There are three major parts in the video.

First is stretching, 01:00 – 13:07. Tyler performs the different methods in full body stretching to improve blood circulation and to prepare the body for strength training.

Second is strength training, 13:10 – 49:29. Tyler starts the training with angled lunges (13:10, 15 reps) followed by bicep curls (15:35, 30 reps alternating), behind the head DB tricep extensions (16:47, 15 reps), DB clean and shoulder press (17:52, 15 reps), leaning DB rear shoulder fly (20:03, 15 reps) and standing DB chest low fly (20:48, 15 reps).

At 21:26, Tyler shows you the side step DB squat (15 reps alternating) then military press with wrist twist (23:55, 15 reps), bent over DB rows (24:55, 15 reps alternating), DB straight leg deadlift (26:19, 15 reps), DB lateral raises (27:47, 15 reps alternating), DB concentration curls (29:16, 15 reps alternating) and DB front swing (30:53, 15 reps).

Training continues with DB woodchoppers (32:40, 15 reps alternating) followed by bent over DB tricep kickbacks (34:32, 15 reps), deadlift with curl and press (35:21, 15 reps), squat with DB upright row (38:30, 15 reps), DB rear shoulder raise (39:36, 15 reps), backward step and lunge (40:52, 30 reps alternating) and single arm DB concentration curl (43:03, 15 reps switch).

The last four strength training covers DB front raises (44:33, 15 reps), curls balancing on one leg (45:54, 15 reps switch), squat DB thrusters (46:51, 15 reps) and concludes with DB push up and row (47:57, 30 reps alternating).

The last ten minutes of the video focuses on core enhancement with little stretching in between.

Tyler begins the routine with ab rotationals (49:32, 30 reps alternating). It’s followed by side plank with rear delt raise (50:04, 15 reps), plank with hip side touch (51:45, 30 reps alternating), lying side v-sits (53:01, 15 reps switch), lying bicycle crunches (54:58, 30 reps alternating), reverse bicycle one leg (55:42, 15 reps switch), lying one leg (56:34, 15 reps switch) and seated leg pulls (51:58, 15 reps).

Finally, the 60-minute full body workout concludes with side-to-side heal touches (58:49, 30 reps alternating).

STATISTICS: As of the writing, Tyler Lough stands at six feet and weighs 165 pounds, which is equivalent to 74.8 in kg. He is 26 years old and his body mass index is 22.84 (normal).

All procedures will tone your arms, shoulders, back, chest and abs. To avoid burnout, a 60-second rest is required in between sets. Better yet, consult your doctor before performing the exercises.

Photo Courtesy of: GymRa Fitness Blog

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