SurvivorDean Top 5 (December 2010)

Three weeks from now, 2010 says goodbye.

Three weeks from now, it’s also my year-end countdown. Twelve of the hottest R&B songs of 2010 will make the list.

Who’s at number #1?

The full results will be revealed three weeks from now.

But before that big moment happens, my top five songs for the month of December are right here filling the holes.

At number five, Nelly is back with a new single and a new album. This new song is entitled “JUST A DREAM” and I am absolutely digging its lyrics. There’s nothing empty spaces with the song. Every second counts, every line speaks for itself until it strikes me big time.

There’s no need for you & me to doubt Usher’s “THERE GOES MY BABY” is a huge contender in my year-end countdown and this track represents Raymond vs Raymond in a nutshell. This is simply one good reason why Usher was one of the nominees in the upcoming 2011 Grammy Awards for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance. But this month, Usher climbs two notches down- Will this affect his position in my year-end countdown?

Monica is three-times stronger in her return. Her album Still Standing receives various good feedback from critics and fans and yes, it is also on the running for Best R&B Album in 2011 Grammy’s along with Wake Up (John Legend), Another Round (Jaheim), Back to me (Fantasia Barrino) and The Love & War Masterpiece (Raheem DeVaughn). I also heard she had a duo with Trey Songz and it was released for digital download on October. Monica is a real dark-horse this year, just like the old The-Boy-Is-Mine days, and the soul in her voice is just as fresh and crisp in “LOVE ALL OVER ME (Number #3).

Ne-yo is at numero #2 with “ONE IN A MILLION.” This song immediately caught my attention the first time I heard it over YouTube and this is also my lead favorite track in Libra Scale.

(1) Trey Songz stayed for number one since November with “CAN’T BE FRIENDS.” I just wondered why Trey was completely snubbed by Grammy Awards after some positive reviews of his album Passion, Pain & Pleasure.

Let me know what you think

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