Survivor Insights 129: Kim Wins Survivor One World (Episode 14 – Finale)

THE GOOD: Kim won! This simply means I now have four first-impression bets who was named as sole survivors since the show started to air in May 2000. The first on my list was Aras in Panama Exile Island – it’s followed by Parvati and JT in Fans vs. Favorites and Survivor Tocantins, respectively. Kim is also my first sole survivor who has competed for the title against two castaways instead of one. In my previous posts, I’ve already given enough reasons as to why Kim deserves the title.

She’s undeniably a complete player. She’s the type of player who excel in every department of the game (physical, social, psychological). Like Parvati in HvH, Kim showed a different level of competition in challenges. In fact, if Alicia did not win the necklace in Episode 13, Kim could have won five immunity challenges in a row. Her chances of winning would have easier should she brought Alicia and Christina in the finals. However, Kim chose to be loyal with her original alliance and gave herself a fair chance for jury’s votes.

“…I realized that I would rather just stick with Chelsea and Sabrina who both shared in the responsibility of voting people out with me.  It just seemed better to own the decisions and to sit with the people who also blind-sided every one.” Kim’s interview with Tom Santilli.

THE BAD & THE UNLUCKIEST: It’s surprising Chelsea did not even receive a vote. I thought this could be the second finale in which the third player receives a credit for surviving the 39 Days of stress, hunger and boredom. All in all, Chelsea played a good game. It was not memorable but a good one. She’s riding Kim’s coattails all the time yet she still managed to emerge as one of the potential threats in the game. She won an immunity in Episode 10 and finished second the following episode. Maybe, her biggest downfall was when she started to face the jury. Instead of having them in her side, Chelsea convinced them to look for the other side.

Chelsea officially joins the group of the “unwanted castaways” or the Team No Votes as Stephen puts it along with Becky (Season 13) , Cassandra, Dreamz (Season 14), Sugar (Season 17), Stephen (Season 18), Mick (Season 19), Russel in HvH (Season 20), Sash (Season 21), Natalie (Season 22) and Albert (Season 23).

THE STANDOUT: Kudos for the nine jurors for acting maturely. The seven of them voted for the deserving player of the season. It confuses me, however, why Troyzan voted for Sabrina when his game was as strong as Kim’s should he has the alliance. Was this related with his short-term alliance with Kim and Chelsea? On the other hand, Kat decided to forgive and forget. It looked like she realized there’s more better things in real life than holding grudge with someone who was only playing a better game than hers.

EPISODE RATING: This is a memorable and unforgettable finale, especially for those who rooted for Kim since Day 1. Apart from Kim’s overall strategic game that is flawless (but never predictable), the final two immunity challenges were a joy to watch. The Final 5 Immunity Challenge was pretty a repeat from the past seasons but the intensity it brought to me was different. It was a big comeback by Kim after two major errors in the maze. I’ve really enjoyed the Final 4 Immunity Challenge. It’s clearly one of the bests (the hardest too) of all time. It primary requires light hands and huge amount of control in movement. Kim showed some vulnerability in that challenge. Without the cooperation of the wind, she’ll be going back from the start for sure. 10 of 10 stars!

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Something to look forward: The location for the next season is in the Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur Philippines – my beloved country. THE COOLEST!

Survivor Insights 128: Who’ll Win Survivor One World (Episode 13)

For the first time in history, five women made it to the final five. Three of them were in tight but breakable alliance while the other two played a zigzag social game to last longer. The five of them joined hands to eliminate the last and oldest member of Manono (Tarzan) and anyone could say it’s clearly the easiest vote yet. Now, one question is left unanswered, who will be the new sole survivor in two days?

Will it be Alicia? Alicia has said it. She believed she’s the queen of social game. Her strategy relies on finding numbers and there’s no denying it, Alicia got it right. In pilot, Alicia was the one who started a women alliance of five. She got separated from them in a short while – but it didn’t destroyed her game at all. Alicia is still standing tall and by winning this week’s Immunity Challenge, Alicia must have realized Survivor is not entirely a social game. Should she make the final three, she needs more than a social game to earn jury’s trust and respect. It won’t be an easy task. WINNING CHANCES: 43 -67

Will it be Kim? I’m rooting for her no matter what – so, I’ll keep this short. There are only two reasons why Kim can’t win. One, if she gets blindsided. Two, if the jury remains bitter (assuming she’s in the final three). WINNING CHANCES: 51 – 49

Will it be Sabrina? The strategic side of Sabrina is declining the merge. I don’t see her as a power player but more of loyal follower. However, Sabrina might be Kim’s biggest competition. She can probably give the jury loads of “good” reasons why Kim shouldn’t win. WINNING CHANCES: 45 – 55

Will it be Chelsea? Chelsea is too likeable and should Kim ignored the possibility of getting rid of her, she’s an easy choice for the title (assuming she’s in the final three and the jury remains bitter towards Kim). WINNING CHANCES: 55 – 45

Will it be Christina? Christina is the luckiest of the five. She’s not a part of their alliance and she’s voting on her own. However, no one attempted to vote against her. Can her luck continues until the final three? WINNING CHANCES: 40 – 60

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Survivor Insights 127: One World – Mission Accomplished

Episode 11

Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is Power” – but for Troyzan, this was not the case. At the start of the merge until the previous episode, Troyzan transformed himself into a threat – the biggest threat as a matter of fact. There’s too much power in him (being smart, being analytical, being physically competitive in challenges) and in order for Kim (pictured above) to smoothly execute her plans, he must be gone first. At last, the right moment came for Kim. Troy could not win an immunity in a row and in an instant, Kim was seven steps closer to success.

Troyzan was not the “Terry of Survivor Panama Exile Island” that I was expecting him to be. He looked distracted all throughout and like a wink, Tarzan convincingly outplayed him. That’s why; as expected, it’s time for him to go. The women-alliance was not naive to keep him. Should Cristina was voted-out instead of Troy, it could have been more memorable.

Though, the stand-out character here was not Troyzan. It was not Kim either. It’s the pig. It’s hard to imagine that it’s only a pig who would give them a real workout. If given more airtime, the pig could certainly outwit, outplay and outlast them whoever is sitting beside him, right?

Alright, I’m kidding but seriously, in one or two years from now, I could remember this episode because of the pig. Rating: 7 of 10 stars!

Episode 12

THE GOOD & THE BAD: With Troyzan out the loop, the women-alliance began to break. Kim and Chelsea were still solid but Kim was gunning against Sabrina, which I found a little confusing. I couldn’t understand why Kim was feared of Sabrina when her biggest competitor for the title is Chelsea. Sabrina can seem to convince the jurors to vote for her but for what reasons. Does she deserve the title? Did she play a very risky game similar to Kim? The answer is either no or I’ll have to watch it yet. Sabrina started this game strong. She was with an alliance that’s unbreakable but after the switch, I could only a Sabrina who was a follower than a leader.

Perhaps, in the next episode, it would be crystal clear to me why Kim considered her a threat more than anyone else.

WHO STANDS OUT: Alicia was neither a physical or social threat. Still, she was playing a superb game. If Kim was the ring leader and the most competitive in challenges, Alicia was “quietly” sitting closer to her. Alicia was in a safe position at the moment. She’s waiting for something before digging deep. If the time comes and if she wanted it, she could easily tear the bond between Kim and Chelsea. Though, I still can’t see how she’s going to convince the jury to let her win the title.

Of course, without a doubt, Kim is always a stand-out. Not only that her flat and sculptured abs looks hot, she’s also hot in challenges. By winning last week and this week Immunity Challenges, I realize Kim does not only play an intellectual strategic game, she’s also an achiever. The situation tells me Kim is aiming for more – and in a not so similar way, I am also waiting for more HOTNESS.

THE UNLUCKIEST: To be young doesn’t mean you’re bad at creating better decisions. Age is simply a number and it’s not a perfect excuse for failures in life. This was Kat’s big mistake. She regularly thought she’s too young for the game. She’s using her age as an excuse when the reality reveals otherwise. Kat was a young adult at 22 and if she wants to get things right, she has to behave like a grown-up.

EPISODE RATING: 8 of 10 stars!

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