Survivor Insights 94: Redemption Island – “Stealth R Us” (Episode 6)

1) The Specialist, The Mentalist, The Assassin: It’s unclear to me why Phillip was calling himself “the specialist” when the reason he’s still around the camp is Boston Rob. Boston Rob wanted him to stay longer than Francesca, Matt and Kristina. Boston Rob allowed him to survive three tribal councils and making him think he’s a part of the alliance. You see, it was all Boston Rob here, no Phillip in the whole picture. Phillip was probably making himself believe in all what he’s saying in confessionals. And, from what I read in, it sounds like there will be a season featuring Coach, the Dragon Slayer versus Phillip, the self-claimed Specialist with lion/gorilla tattoos.

2) Losing to Winning: Grant was the sole reason why Ometepe dominated the Reward/Immunity Challenge. His quick movement and great reflexes made him catch all four balls right before it landed on the ground. Without a doubt, this was Grant’s biggest airtime yet. He showed how good an ex-NHL player he was and how physically competitive he is for this game. Even Mike’s defense had no answers with his athleticism.

For the past five episodes, the editing only showed us the laid-back side of Grant, who’s also Boston Rob’s sidekick. But in this challenge, Grant was the superstar and he could potentially be one of the the season’s dark horses should he make the merge.

Back in Tocantins, the same challenge was also played and a lot of things went crazy. Someone got injured, someone lose his tooth and just like Grant, someone scored three consecutive points for his tribe’s victory.

3) What is he doing?: Zapatera made the right decision to vote-out Stephanie. It is difficult to trust someone who already made a deal with the other tribe even when it’s still a Tribe vs Tribe.  They already lose two challenges in a row and here’s David who was too focused in winning. I respect David’s decision to switch but I disagree with it. It was just a wrong strategy at the wrong time. I kept wondering why he still chose to stay loyal with Stephanie when Sarita was his original ally. If David hated Sarita, fix it, and just pretend everything is all right.

The mental frailty of the game could have consumed him. I used seeing a controlled David in the past but in this episode, David must have missed his life inside the courtroom and prosecuted Sarita incorrectly. His efforts to save Stephanie was just on the right dot, totally impressive, but the truth is; he was not convincing a number of people in a jury. He was still a part of a tribe and he needed to go with the decision of the majority.

With what he did, David needs to find a way to fight for his life and he must also make sure the strategy will take him in the right way. Time is running out and his chances of making the merge probably went from 60% to 30%. It’s my mistake to still think the deal between him and Mike was there to stay.

4) Phillip vs. Ashley: Back in Ometepe camp, there’s the argument between Ashley and Phillip. According to Probst, Phillip just wanted some appreciation and that’s understandable. The man deserved some credit for all his hard work and this was the one thing Ashley failed to recognize. Phillip was annoying, that’s right, TV viewers knew it, but as a nurse in real life, Ashley could have used the art of therapeutic communication and said the right words to Phillip just to calm the situation. Without Boston Rob, Ometepe might have just fallen apart after the argument.

5) Matt’s Island: The Redemption Island is now owned by Matt. No one else but him. It’s his home for a number of days now and he’s winning duels four in a row. A shaky Matt started this week’s duel but got his way out to defeat Krista.

Episode Rating: 8 of 10 stars

Photos courtesy of: CBS

4 thoughts on “Survivor Insights 94: Redemption Island – “Stealth R Us” (Episode 6)

  1. To start off with, I think Ashley and Natalie are completely fed up with Phillip. They’re both tired of everything Phillip, however Ashley couldn’t keep her cool while Natalie did.

    As for David I think maybe the words Krista said before she left led to David to lobby to get Sarita voted out. I don’t think he was trying to keep Stephanie to win challenges, but to put himself in better position. Keeping Stephanie would have only benefited David and no one else. I think this is the beginning of seeing the strategic side of David. We haven’t seen much strategy from anyone besides Rob this season, so it would be nice for David to crash the party. On Rob Cesterninos podcast he had Krista on. Krista said she thought David was trying to get Sarita out because he’s tired of playing with that six person alliance, because of their lack of strategic game. She also said that David was close to joining the Russell alliance, but then thought twice about it and she said she thinks he’s starting to regret that move. Even if Zapatera goes into the merge with numbers it could be an uphill battle for a tribe who hasn’t played much of a strategic game. They can get torn apart by a player like Rob.

    I was thinking the merge would be next week, because its 6 versus 6 right now.


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