Survivor Insights 145: Caramoan – My First Impression Bets


1) Eddie Fox – Just by reading his CBS profile, I can sense Eddie has the ability to stir things around the camp either in a good or bad way. He wanted to play a game similar to Boston Rob so it’s not an impossibility for this 23-year-old fireman from East Brunswick New Jersey to outwit, outplay and outlast the nine other fans. For the cut-throat portion of the game, it won’t be a big problem for Eddie as he describes himself as hardworking, outgoing and competitive. These three adjectives are probably the most ideal qualities of a Survivor, right? However, will he remain competitive as the game starts to unfold another story filled with backstabbing and ass-kissing? I expect him to be. I’m confident his ability to adapt to new situations can help him build solid alliances with anyone, either a fan or a favorite.

Survivor Caramoan

2) Allie Pohevitz – This 25-year-old bartender from Oceanside New York surprised me. Her profile is one of the most impressive I read in years. With all her great achievements in life, I can firmly say Allie tends to be an observant and cunning person who understands this game frame-by-frame. She adored Jenna Morasca for her intelligence. For Allie, Morasca became a sole survivor for playing dumb, for using her sex appeal and for knowing when to outsmart others. The one thing that worries me about Allie is her pet peeve – she said she hated dirty people and it seems she’s an “anal” person who prefers to see things clean and order. SURVIVOR is not a pageant show so Allie may only get annoyed with all the messy things around the camp.

Survivor Caramoan - Hope

3) Hope Driskill – At first glance, Hope seems to be an attractive 23-year-old student who excels in anything she does. She graduated summa cum laude with general honors, therefore, it’s the right thing to say she’s smart, driven and highly-motivated. She loves reading and traveling too – these two hobbies alone are good enough to make her a well-rounded person outside the game. As a castaway, I’m a little confused if she truly understands how difficult this game is. I know she’s a fan but I’m not sure if being likeable and personable are enough for her to outwit, outplay and outlast. Yes, these qualities can help her survive especially when she already learned some tips from Parvati, Brenda and Andrea. The real question is – does this Midwestern girl from Jefferson City Missouri want it? SURVIVOR isn’t about getting A or A+ so it’s truly a need for her to dig in to complicated situations and dig deep to win.


1) Malcolm Freberg – Malcolm already played for 38 days and without a doubt, he certainly has the better experience over other favorites. His season was filled with more “crazy” and “unexpected” twists than Redemption Island, South Pacific and Gabon combined. Does this mean he can win this time? Not sure yet. With his overflowing drive to make a seven-digit bank account and his natural ability to be liked by others, there’s no doubt for him to form unbreakable alliances right on the dot. He may be 25 in figures but judging by the way he thinks and feels, Malcolm got an above-average skills on how this game could, should and must be played. He may not find another “Denise” or “Angie” but you know what, if he can be less cocky as he describes himself, he can successfully use his charms to last longer and hopefully, completes the 39-day requirement with the million dollar check inside his pocket.

Survivor Caramoan Favorites

2) Brenda Lowe – I highly adore women who consider themselves as straight-forward, smart and independent. These qualities are what made Brenda’s profile a stand-out. She knew how complicated this game is. She knew she has to be good. She knew she has to lie. She knew she has to be in control. And with her positive attitude, I’m kinda sure she’ll make things right this season. Others may view her as a “likeable” threat but I expect her to act maturely. She’s 30-year-old and she will handle these complex situations with class.

Survivor Caramoan - Cochran

3) John Cochran – Now that he’s playing a game without redemption island, I expected the 25-year-old Cochran to learn from his past mistakes. I want to see a sharper game in which he’s unbeatable in all departments. Cochran claims himself as a true blue fan who watched, talked, studied, wrote and dreamt the show, which means he completely understands what certain techniques are to be used to outsmart the other nine favorites and ten fans. Cochran describes himself as insecure and neurotic, which are both negative qualities but somehow, with the right formula, it can be his strengths as well. I just don’t know how he’ll make it.

How about you? Who are your initial bets? Are you excited for the two-hour pilot episode on February 14th (my time)?

Photos courtesy of: CBS