SURVIVOR INSIGHTS 314: Season 43: Episode 8 Lesson of The Story

Episode Review: I will remember this episode for the camp life. The camp life edits are long. It makes me question what is really going on. The plans are changing constantly. The tone of conversations are strategic but are also filled with hesitancy. Upon returning from the Tribal Council, every one was feeling the game started to change big time. Anyone could go home. Anyone was not safe, especially Owen. He felt isolated from the group. Since growing up as an Asian, he felt he always needed to make an extra effort to fit in with the crowd. Immunity Challenge came, and Owen proved to himself being different is not a bad thing. To some extent, Owen used his ‘being different’ mindset to outplay Cody and Ryan.

Back at the camp, an alliance was gunning between Jeanine and Ryan. Cassidy wanted to rock the boat and go against Ryan to give the remaining women a chance to stay longer. Cody felt threatened with how smart Jeanine can get. The fluctuating tone of the game continued in the Tribal Council but no one still played an advantage or hidden idol. Jeanine could not have any protection from anyone. Majority voted against her, and she became the first member of the Jury. 4 of 5 stars, GOOD

Lesson Learned: “The thing that really complicates this Survivor society is that they’re fluid.” – Jeff Probst

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Taurus Records: Why Choose Vinyl Records?

A vinyl is a record album rarer than a CD or digital streaming. The sound quality of a vinyl is warmer and more life-like. Vinyl records are also more durable than CDs and digital files, which means that you can play your music for years without any damage to the disc itself.

Vinyl records are made from a vinyl base, which means they have no plastic parts like in CDs or digital files. This makes them look more natural and they feel more like real objects when held in your hand.

They also have longer shelf lives than CDs or digital files because there are no moving parts inside them that can break down over time.

Taurus Records is the ever-first vinyl store in Davao City, Philippines, owned and operated by Mr. Rolly Martin, his wife (Bing Martin) and their only son (Daryl).

Taurus Records is built to make the present and future generations realize that vinyl records are a rarer form of music even in times of digital streaming.

The official logo of Taurus Records, the first-ever vinyl store in Davao City Philippines operated by Mr. Rolly Martin, Mrs. Bing J. Martin and Daryl Martin.

Vinyl records were considered to be the best way to listen to your favorite songs, but CDs and digital streaming have taken over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy vinyl records.

Vinyl records have more warmth and life-likeness than their digital counterparts. And they’re one of the only ways you can physically own a song.

The sound quality of a vinyl is warmer because it was recorded at slower speeds than CDs or streaming services. This means there’s a better chance that your favorite song will have the right amount of bass and treble when you play it on your turntable at home or in your car stereo.

For fans who want to own physical copies of their favorite albums or artists, saving money to buy vinyl is the best way to go.

Should I Buy Vinyl Records?

When it comes to the debate of whether or not you should buy vinyl records, there are two sides: some swear by them and others say they’re way overrated. Here are the facts so that you can decide for yourself:

Feel The Romance While Listening To A Vinyl Record


Vinyl offers a richer listening experience. In other words, you feel the music more – that can be beneficial for your mental health especially if you are celebrating a birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


Vinyl records offer a richer listening experience because the owner of the vinyl must literally experience the physical medium rather than just push a button.

As a result, listeners feel more connected to the music and take note of otherwise faint sounds that may be missed when listening to CDs or MP3s.


Vinyl offers as much musical enjoyment as digital music, with an old school style that no other format can match.


This old school format offers a beauty and durability that digital music can’t match. Its intricate groove patterns deliver high fidelity sound that still sounds great 30 years later.

The vinyl records of Taylor Swift are bestsellers in Taurus Records.


Vinyl is, quite simply, the most luxurious way you can listen to music.

As the favored medium of classic artists from The Beatles to Elvis, and modern musicians like Adele and Taylor Swift, the all-analogue sound of vinyl brings you closer to the music than even the highest resolution MP3.

Taurus Records is the first-ever vinyl store in Davao City. This cute, classy and comfortable shop offers an array of vinyl record albums in various genre.

There is a free Wi-Fi too. You can do last-minute research online should you forget some details of your favorite artists. Bestsellers as of the writing are Taylor Swift and The Beatles.

Take time to like, follow and share their Official Facebook Page to your family and friends. Please message the staff for reservation and direct orders or call (0922) 849-7382

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Restaurant Review: Happy Cakes By Zeny M

Happy Cakes by Zeny M brings happiness to you. This comfortable home cafe specializes in cakes and pastries that are made by Zeny D. Martin, the youngest first-cousin of my dad.

Happy Cakes bakes any special cake with great designs. Complete Address: 1050 Jacinto Extension, Corner Araullo St. Davao City

A chef and an aunt at the same time, Zeny Martin loves to bake anything. She underwent professional training in Paris and New York, so she knows how to bake anything including birthday cakes, wedding cakes and celebration cakes.

Zeny Martin is not only a baker but also a cook. She knows how to make any type of food taste good. I have tasted her recipes many times and I never get bored of them because they are always different from each other.

Christmas of 2021, Chef/Aunt Zeny allowed me to taste her version of Tokyo Style Cheesecake. This is one of my favorite desserts from Happy Cakes. It has a creamy texture on top of its cream cheese layer which makes it melts in your mouth just like how you will experience when you eat cheesecake from real life restaurants.

Order Tokyo Style Cheesecake at Happy Cakes by Zeny M. Complete Address: 1050 Jacinto Extension, Corner Araullo St. Davao City

I always wanted to visit Happy Cakes by Zeny M because of their relaxing ambiance and ever-changing cakes.

I am a fan of homemade cakes and cookies. I highly appreciate their creativity. They have different kinds of cakes that can be customized according to your preference and budget. These are:

Daily Cakes Pricelist | Happy Cakes by Zeny M | 1050 Jacinto Extension, Corner Araullo Street Davao City

Choco Caramel Cake – This is the most popular type of cake. The flavor is so strong that you will feel like you’re eating a candy bar. It’s not too sweet and it has just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or fiestas!

Lemon Walnut Torte – This is one of my favorite desserts as well! It has a very light texture with a hint of lemon and walnuts on top. It’s not too sweet so it can be eaten by itself with some whipped cream or ice cream on top or with some fruit salad on the side! You can also add fresh fruit slices like strawberries or blueberries if you want to make it more colorful!

Korean Garlic Cream Bun – This is a new flavor that we’ve recently tried out at home and it was delicious! The garlic flavor is not strong and the bun is delicious.

The best thing about Happy Cakes by Zeny M is that it serves home-made cookies and desserts, which are not only delicious but also healthy. You can also choose from the healthy menu that also includes breads, pasta and donuts. Or, you can dine-in to its sister restaurant. Kopi lah Roti is located at the left side of Happy Cakes.

Salted Choco Caramel is a bestseller in Happy Cakes by Zeny M | Complete Address: 1050 E. Jacinto Ext., Corner Araullo St., Davao City

Happy Cakes by Zeny M is the perfect place to eat when you either want a treat in a jiffy or celebrate a birthday.

Happy Cakes also offers home delivery service. Call (082) 224 – 1518.

Photos Courtesy of: Happy Cakes Official Facebook

SURVIVOR INSIGHTS 313: Season 43 | Episode 7 Lesson of The Story

Episode Review: This is another eventful and unpredictable episode of Survivor. It began with Jeanine feeling blindsided for the reason that Elie was voted out. Another beautiful day came, the survivors were tasked to have a partner for the Immunity Challenge. There were six pairs in total. Two pairs were eliminated during the first part of the challenge. Only two pairs advanced to the final stage. These were Gabler and Owen then, Cody and Dwight. They needed to stay long while holding a percentage of their body weight. Cody and Gabler were the last two standing men and were making history as the first two survivors to last for more than 30 minutes. Gabler stayed busy motivating himself and won!

Back at camp, James found a “Knowledge is Power” advantage making him the number one threat but there was a change of the plan. Jesse wanted Noelle out for controlling the vote order too much. He shared his feelings with Karla and Cody. Karla agreed with Jesse, but Cody had other plans. He felt threatened with Dwight. Dwight was getting better in all aspects of the game and was the one with the physical, intellectual and social superior abilities to dominate should he stay longer. Cody betrayed Dwight for his own benefit forward. Dr. Gabler’s name was also circulated around for being a “loose canon” but it was impossible for him to receive votes. After all the trades of advantages and last-minute promises, Tribal Council went like a “classic election.” There were no advantages or hidden idols played, no whisperings around and no re-votes.

James, Ryan and Dwight were tied at 2-2-2. Dwight began to feel nervous. Jeff Probst continued to read the votes. Dwight got seven votes in total and bid goodbye – which means Ryan is the only one remaining on my list of early favorites. Damn, this season is a heartbreak. I have to admit though. It is never bad and boring. 5 of 5 stars, STUPENDOUS

Lesson Learned: “In this game, it’s a question of timing, right? You don’t wanna do a big move too soon, but also, you don’t wanna play someone’s game.” – Jesse

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SURVIVOR INSIGHTS 312: Season 43 | Episode 6 Lesson of The Story

Episode Review: I have no words to describe how great this episode is. It feels like I am watching a competitive tennis match in which there is a long rally going on and the one who wins the match is the one who hit the ball accidently on the net but it bounces on the other side. I mean, this is a different episode than the other previous seasons since the first season. The episode began with an announcement of a merge. There were four survivors on Vesi and Coco, and five on Baka. This meant there are 13 of them competing into the Reward-Immunity Challenge. To stay fair, the survivors divided into two groups of six. One would not play after selecting a gray stone, and this survivor was Noelle. She selected the new blue tribe to win, which means she would be a part of them regardless of them winning or not. The challenge was tight. It came down to the word puzzle. The new red tribe arrived at the puzzle station earlier than the blue. The blue tribe said never. They figured out everything right and win.

Gabler, Jesse, Ryan, Jeanine, Dwight, Karla and Noelle were not only guaranteed into the Merge of 12 but also safe into the Tribal Council – where everyone would vote either Owen, Sami, James, Cody, Elie or Cassidy out. As they returned from the Tent Feast, the game escalated to a new height of paranoia. First, Elie’s name was thrown around. She fought real hard to stay. She fought with reason and logic but it seemed no one believed her. Gabler stained her reputation when she betrayed her during their feast. Cody’s name was out there too. Then, a number of them wanted James out.

It was a complete chaos. It was a chain of gossips spreading around and the truth was already buried six feet under. Sometimes, a gossip is more powerful than the truth – this was what this episode is about. Elie could not recover from the story Gabler circulated about her. This story turned into fear and converted into seven votes to vote out Elie – which means I am down to only two early favorites. 5 of 5 stars, STUPENDOUS

Lesson Learned: “It’s important to not just talk the talk and walk the walk, and I’m walking that walk tonight.” – Gabler

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