#Survivor Insights 209: Heroes, Healers, Hustlers – My Early Favorites

Survivor celebrates its 35th season by dividing 18 new faces into three unique groups based on their current jobs. The Heroes who stand for their courage and commitment. The Healers who stand for their selfless acts of service. Lastly, the Hustlers who stand for their tireless work of ethic.


As expected, listed below are my early favorites before the season officially begins. I’m choosing six people (two in each tribe) who I think can last longer and luckily, one of them will win. This isn’t an objective pick at all. It’s for fun. My process of selection is based on what I read on their CBS bio, cast assessment made by Jeff Probst and the Meet The Cast promotional video created by TV Guide.

Tribe Name: Levu (Heroes)


My Early Favorite: JP Hilsabeck, 28, Los Angeles CA

JP works as a firefighter who loves outdoor activities such as surfing and hiking. His job is his personal claim to fame; therefore, he must have learned to raise himself as someone who never give up.

He believes his athleticism alone won’t help him win Survivor. Being smart is an advantage. It helps him read people and figure out if he or she is the right person for an alliance. That’s why; it’s fair to say Millennial Jay is his most liked Survivor contestant due to his fun, outgoing and down-to-earth personality.

My Early Favorite: Katrina Radke, 46, Excelsior MN

Katrina is a charismatic and tenacious Olympian who loves outdoor adventures, dancing, martial arts, meditation and personal growth work. Her personal claim to fame is being a mom. This answer alone reveals who she is on the inside.

Denise Stapley is her most liked Survivor contestant but Katrina considers herself as more outgoing and adventurous. She loves to challenge herself. Survivor is an unpredictable game of social politics; therefore, it excites her to experience the stressful environment to prove how resilient she is.

Tribe Name: Soko (Healers)


My Early Favorite: Desi Williams, 27, Newsport News VA

Desi is an immediate stand-out. She works as a physical therapist who loves to travel and participate in pageants. She also loves to keep her body in shape.

Becoming an assistant professor and program director are her personal claim to fame. She believes only the right person with the right amount of dedication can fulfill these positions that require competitiveness, persistence and patience.

To my surprise, Tasha is her most liked Survivor contestant. She considers Tasha as a good mix of brain, brawn and beauty. Like Tasha, Desi clearly knows she’s a triple threat.

Yet, there’s a way for her to survive if she uses her strongest traits to outwit, outplay and outlast the 17 strangers. These strongest traits are her charm, wit, beauty, mental fortitude and physical strength. The art and science of feigned camaraderie makes her unbeatable.

My Early Favorite: Mike Zahalsky, 43, Parkland FL

Mike is an intelligent, enthusiastic and determined urologist. His hobbies include archery, fishing and watching Game of Thrones.

He is a fan since the first season. He might have understood the similarities and differences between Survivor and Game of Thrones. The truth is, Redemption Island’s Sole Survivor, Boston Rob, is his most liked Survivor contestant due to his ability to stay socially strategic.

I’m genuinely amazed by his response when asked for a reason to survive Survivor. “People will be hugging me as I vote them off,” is his answer.

Tribe Name: Yawa (Hustlers)


My Early Favorite: Ryan Ulrich, 23, North Arlington NJ

Ryan is a witty, ambitious and approachable bellhop who loves to watch sports and play harmonica. His internships in Congress and British Consulate are his personal claim to fame.

He loves the show and wanted to join since he was six. To him, Survivor is a passion he can obsess with. For this, China’s Sole Survivor, Todd Herzog, is his most liked contestant due to his tremendous social skill and charisma. He believes some of his abilities will be underestimated just like Todd.

My Early Favorite: Patrick Bolton, 24, Auburn AL

Patrick is a persistent small business owner. His life inspiration is his dad. He believes his dad is his driving force to maneuver his life to the right direction.

As a Survivor, Second Chancer Joe is his most liked contestant. He describes Joe as a nice guy who saved himself by winning immunity challenges when being sociable doesn’t help him go farther. He wasn’t a quitter just like Joe.

Joining Survivor is a business trip for Patrick. He is a team player who can survive the outdoor elements and who can help his tribe win in puzzle challenges. He makes sure his ability to underperform won’t make him a threat.

Photos Courtesy of: CBS

I Remember It Too Well

Wow. I can more relate to this song if a male sings. Oh yeah, I remember it too well. She and I in a taxi under a night sky. It was ten years ago. I forget the month but the series of events were crystal clear. It was an awkward moment. We were silent. She broke my heart ten days before this happened.

Yet, I gathered all my strength to break the ice. I remember it too well.

Moving on to October 10, 2010 – She might have forgotten this day but I still remember it too well. She and I played virtual tennis for the first time. She knew I’m a tennis big fan but for clear reasons, she punished me with her deep groundstrokes. I lost.

Two years after, she and I played again. This time around in my house. She’s Ana Ivanovic. I was Novak Djokovic. In a hardcourt (and I won in three lol).

Don’t worry, she won the second set. 6-7, 6-4, 3-6 I remember it too well.

Life changes now. She moves on. I move on. We move on. History tells us our story is officially a close book. I remember it too well when I promise her unconditional love. I give it all to her – even if it means letting go.

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Steven Sprague is joined by software developers, business consultants and advisors. To reach out to them, you can send a mail to sales@rivetzintl.com or thoroughly read their FAQ for more information.

If you’re wondering how the Rivetz app works, kindly watch the overview video after the link.

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