#Survivor Insights 265: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 7)

Your strategic game, no matter how intelligent it is, does not matter in the end. The good relationships you make with people (regardless of sexual orientation, color, nationality) matter more.

Update on my favorite – safe

Jack Nichting, 23, Virginia
Jack Nichting, 23, Virginia

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#Survivor Insights 264: Island of The Idols – Lessons of The Story

Episode 6: You can’t win it all. No matter how much you try, there is someone who is better and smarter than you.

Update on my early favorite – safe

Survivor 39 Jason Linden
Jason Linden, 32, NYC

Episode 5: It helps to expect the unpredictable. Life would not tell you when an earthquake happens. It happens naturally. Just be prepared with it and survive no matter what.

Survivor 39 Tom Laidlaw
Tom Laidlaw, 60, Connecticut

Episode 4: Life is unpredictable. Protect yourself while you still have the power and authority. Protect yourself today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet.

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Survivor 39 Chelsea Walker
Chelsea Walker, 26, California

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#Survivor Insights 263: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 3)

A safe blanket protects you from inevitable harm. It is your life insurance. You don’t know when it is needed but you still need it when the right time comes.

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Vince Moua, 27, California

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#Survivor Insights 262: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 2)

Unexpected things happen all the time. You either see it coming or not, be prepared anyway.

My Favorite – Update: Safe | More Lessons Episode 1

Molly Byman voted out in Survivor Island of The Idols.
Molly Byman, 27, California

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#Survivor Insights 261: Island of The Idols – Lesson of The Story (Episode 1)

It is good to have a plan. Planning is good. Just plan right and, be flexible as the plan starts to roll forward. A good plan is different from over-planning. Over-planning is unhealthy, especially when it involves others to take action. It is unhealthy for your mindset. It is also unhealthy for others to listen to.

My Early Favorite – Update: Safe

Ronnie Bardah, 35, Nevada

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