Movie Insights: 3 Reasons Why I Love Captain America: Civil War

Warning: Please stop reading if you haven’t seen the film. I might spoil your excitement.

Reason 1: Captain America: Civil War is a superhero film with a heart and soul.

I watched it yesterday. It’s great. All my expectations are met (I was surprised!). I even asked for more when it ended.

Courtesy of: Marvel

I observe the overall feel of the story (dialogues, action scenes, tone) has similarities with The Winter Soldier. The intensity of storytelling fluctuates. It slows down when it needs to and it goes high when it matters.

The film preserves the substance and depth, which other superhero films fail to deliver. It seems as if I’m not watching a fiction story at all. Instead, it’s goes beyond comics. Then, it’s converted into a film but with a twist of reality.

This is the first time that I get to see a team of superheroes but each is vulnerable. Each shows their emotions. Each has conflicts to solve.

Reason 2: Captain America: Civil War balances the edit.

It’s a war film. Therefore, I expect fights and explosions. It’s a team superhero film. Therefore, there are famous celebrities here and there.

Thank God the film still delivers a balance edit. It gives the right amount of airtime to each celebrity in such a way that it maintains the smooth-sailing flow of the story.

For this reason, I can’t wait to see the never-before-scenes once the Blu-ray is released. It’s also the kind of film that I’ll watch again and again without getting tired.

Reason 3: Captain America: Civil War tells a story of an unconditional friendship.

I’m not taking Iron Man (portrayed by Robert Downer Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Spider-Man (Tom Holland) etc. out of the equation. They’re great characters. They bring different layers of entertainment in the story.

However, the film centers on Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). Take note I mention their real names. It’s because I don’t see the superhero with special powers in them. I saw the human side of them and how they stand for each other even if the world is against them.

From the start, Rogers knows he’s the only person who can protect Barnes. It isn’t only a matter of what is right and lawful. It goes beyond that. It’s risky and Rogers knows it. He, however, never hesitates to follow what his heart dictates.

Tracing back to First Avenger, Skinny Rogers had no one but Sergeant Barnes in his side. Rogers was bullied and Barnes was there to protect him. They’re best friends. As Captain America, Rogers’ world collapsed when he failed to save Barnes from death.

In The Winter Soldier, Resurrected Barnes was completely brainwashed to kill Rogers. Yet, despite of all the fights, it ended Barnes saving Rogers from drowning.

Fast forwarding to Civil War, Rogers and Barnes prove their friendship is unconditional. It’s stronger than the Avengers’ mission to save the world. It’s endless even if it means Barnes chooses to freeze himself until his condition gets better.

Memorable line: “I can do this all day.”

My overall rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars!

Rafa Wins Monte Carlo 2016

At last, Rafael Nadal opens 2016 with an explosive win in Monte Carlo. Before the details, let’s rewind the time a bit.


Rafa failed to win a grand slam in 2015. In fact, he only won two titles in clay. The first was in Buenos Aires. It’s a 250-tournament so the draw was easy for the King of Clay.

He defeated four Argentians in straight sets – namely Facundo Arguello (4, 0), Federico Delbonis (1, 1), Carlos Berloq (6, 2) and Juan Monaco (4, 1).

He went to Harmburg (a 500-tournament) after his second-round exit in Wimbledon. There, he faced a more competitive draw. He outlasted Fernando Verdasco (3, 1, 1), Jiri Veseley (4, 6), Pablo Cuevas (3, 2), Andreas Seppi (1, 2) and Fabio Fognini (5, 5).

It’s too early to say but it seems 2016 is a renaissance year for Rafa. He opens the clay season by winning his ninth title in Monte Carlo – his favorite tournament according to his autobiography.

Monte Carlo is a 1000-Master tournament – where he’s seeded five. He received a first round bye but he faced tougher competitors in the succeeding rounds.

Rafa-returnsIn the second round, the bankable rising-star from Great Britain, Aljaz Bedene, scored a total of six games. Dominic Thiem is a new Austrian supernova who won three clay titles in 2015 + 1 this year (as of this writing). But against Rafa, he exited in straight sets.

Stan Wawrinka stopped Rafa from winning his second Australian Open title in 2014. It’s a hardcourt surface but it’s a different story in clay. Rafa allowed him to win five games in the quarterfinals.

Andy Murray and Gael Monfils tested the King in the last final rounds, respectively. It seemed Murray couldn’t repeat his straight-set victory in Madrid. After winning the first set, Rafa fought back and found himself in finals after eight months of waiting and recovering.

The finals took more than two hours. Rafa lost the second set but ended the match on fire. At long last, all his hard work paid off.

Personally, he’s my favorite to win French Open for the 10th time but somehow, less expectation is healthier than making predictions. Rafa will take it one match at a time. VAMOS!

Photo Courtesy of: Rafael Nadal Fans