SurvivorDean Top 5 (March 2010)

Trey Songz

There are a number of great hits this month but only five are chosen. Three songs are out in my list. That means, three newcomers and will it be Alicia Keys or Usher on top? Let’s get this things roll on.

At Number 5, Toni Braxton is back! I know it’s late. This song just get my attention this morning and just realizing Toni’s debut single was released four months ago. No idea where I was during that time, maybe I was too busy with work 🙂

I am talking about ‘YESTERDAY.’ This collaboration between Toni and Trey is HOT—-there’s this unique mixture in their voices that is powerful and unforgettable. There’s no doubt Toni Braxton can sing well. She’s one of the R&B Bests. What surprises me is Trey Songz. Whoa, Trey does not sing Hip-Hop, he can also sing soul. Kudos for Trey and kisses for Toni.

Timbaland and Justin Timberlake are back and they ‘CARRY OUT’ their new song to Number 4. The first time I listen with this song, it immediately get my attention. The beat is good, makes me dance. With Timbaland-Timberlake, Hip-Hop is really here to stay. CARRY OUT!

Trey Songs stood tall at Number 3 with another groovy tune. Trey Songz captured the second highest spot in my year-end countdown of 2009 with I INVENTED SEX and now, Trey is still feeling horny and that’s ‘NEIGHBORS KNOW MY NAME’ is all about. Watch the music video, it’s an amazingly hotter than I expected! I’m sure this will certainly a hit.

Staying strong at my number 2 is Usher. Usher’s HEY DADDY (DADDY’S HOME) is getting attention in the US R&B Billboard, currently at 10 as of this writing. That’s Great! Just can’t wait for his new album on the 30th.

What’s on top?

Alicia Keys is still unbeatable at Number 1 with ‘TRY SLEEPING WITH A BROKEN HEART‘ and still going stronger as days go by.

Let me know what you think

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