#Survivor Insights 197: Game Changers – Lessons Of The Story (E1)

Too much strategy talks doesn’t make you smart. It makes you a threat.

Ciera Eastin, 27, Oregon
Ciera Eastin, 27, Oregon

No one wants to trust someone who dictates what and how to do things.

Tony Vlachos, 42, New Jersey
Tony Vlachos, 42, New Jersey

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#Survivor Insights 196: Game Changers – My Early Favorites

Survivor opens 2017 with a new and fourth season of all returnees. After All Stars (Season 8), Heroes vs. Villains (Season 20), Second Chance (Season 31), here comes Game Changers (Season 34).

Jack TV airs the complete season here in the Philippines.


I don’t read spoilers and news; therefore, I have no idea what twists and turns will happen. All I know is these 20 popular faces are divided into two tribes of 10 – Nuku (above) and Mana.


Layers and layers of unpredictability make an all returnee season stands out from the rest. Amber instead of Rob? Sandra over Parvati? Zero votes for Spencer?

Can you spot the similarities? If not, I’ll tell you. I’m a 16-year-old fan. I should have expected them all but I swear, these seasons are all heartbreakers. It left a mark to me permanently.

Yet, here I am again. I selected 4 early favorites after watching Jeff Probst’s cast assessment. I read their profiles too.

My Early Favorite 1: JT (31)


JT won this game way back in Tocantins (Season 18). It’s a landslide win over his close buddy, Stephen, who played a more strategic game.

He came back but only finished tenth in Heroes vs. Villains. I remembered his exit marked as the funniest and dumbest episode in history.

Now he’s on his third attempt, what changes can he do to make things right?

When asked what will be his new strategy, he said he’ll be more careful in choosing an alliance. In a season without Russel Hantz and Parvati Shallow, how far can he go with this strategy?

Sandra stands as the only person who won twice, will JT be the first male to win twice?

My Early Favorite 2: Sierra (29)


Sierra played an almost flawless social game in White Collar, Blue Collar, No Collar (Season 30). She’s there but not quite.

This time around, Sierra wants to play big moves. She believes she’s a strong and more determined competitor. Looks like she’s in it to win it all (which sounds a bit uncontrollable to me).

Yet, she’s with JT in the same tribe. Will they be friends with benefits or foe with benefits?

My Early Favorite 3: Caleb (28)


Caleb regretted nothing in his first attempt in Kaoh Rong (Season 32). He’s the most valuable player before he was medically evacuated due to extreme dehydration.

It’s true. Caleb was never voted out. No one also attempted to. This season though, it’s interesting to see how his renaissance outwits, outplays and outplays 19 returnees who never experienced what he went through.

My Early Favorite 4: Michaela (25)


Returning for the second time, it seems Michaela learned her lessons well. She’s now planning to constantly monitor what others say about her than her saying this and that.

She’ll pay close attention to feelings (which is a great thing). In a game full of hungry people, emotions are always high. Can a Millennial Michaela control her own emotions and work her way on top?

Photos Courtesy of CBS

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No one cares about this countdown but me.

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