12 Reasons Why I’m Addicted to Empire Season 1

1. Empire becomes the first TV show that I get addicted with even without watching the first three episodes.

Empire TV Show

2. The moment I saw and heard Tiana and Hakeem performed Keep it Movin’ in Teen’s Choice Award (Episode 4), I knew I’m starting to fall in love with the show. I immediately registered to Spotify the next day and went obsessing for other songs.

3. Empire tells a story of a dysfunctional but affluent family, which happens in real life. At last, this isn’t a police procedural or superhero drama.

4. Empire satisfies my craving. It never fails to bring good music each episode. My Top 3 favorites to date are: Good Enough, Conqueror and Keep it Movin’.

Money for Nothing is my least favorite. I don’t hate the song. I still listened to it. It’s just that its overall message doesn’t inspire me.

5. Each character tells an inspiring story yet, every character finds it hard to control his or her weaknesses. As a result, every character becomes vulnerable and each episode explodes with an unexpected revelation.

6. To date, Luscious, Cookie and Jamal are my top three favorite characters. Luscious appears to be a stubborn fighter. As the head of Lyon family, he knows what he wants and there are times, this is his weakness too to a point that he becomes greedy.

7. Cookie functions as the Lyon’s heart. She brings out the best in every artist she handles. In an episode where Jamal records “Keep Your Money,” Cookie understands what the song needs.

The first time she listened to it, she stands by her decision that Jamal’s voice should be above the mix.

8. Jamal becomes the stand-out character of the season. As the singer-songwriter, Jamal never fails to deliver. He understands what he writes and he sings with the right technique and emotions.

Jamal roars louder after he reveals to the world he’s gay in Episode eight. First, Jamal forces his dad to recruit Delphine. He knows Delpine can sell albums like hot cupcakes. Second, Jamal helps his dad create a new sound for his tribute concert.

As a result, Luscious must have realized Jamal is a business leader with a soul – who must lead Empire.

9. It’s clear Andre suffers from bipolar disorder. It’s for this reason why his character rises above the crowd. Yes, he’s smart. He’s successful. And, he will become a dad.

However, how will Andre evolve in Season 2 with his condition?

10. Hakeem raps well but I’m kinda confused where his character will go. Sometimes, it feels like Hakeem only exists as a sidekick to either Luscious, Jamal or Tiana.

Will be there a more memorable Hakeem in Season 2?

11. Empire S1 Soundtrack rocks! The CD version only contains 11 tracks but it’s still worth the buy.

Come to realize that these are the strongest memorable tracks of the season that make Empire an empire of success.

Note: “Empire soundtrack hit #1 on the Billboard’s 200 Album Chart, marking the first time a TV soundtrack has opened at #1 since 2010 (Hulu.com, March 19, 2015).”

12. Empire Season 1 ends with a bang. I’m satisfied with what I saw. The story is filled with unexpected drama, aggression and a bit of funny scenes.

It’s something to remember when they include scenes wherein two or three family members create a special moment.

As for the two-hour finale, the Luscious-Jamal moment is impossible to forget. Seems like Jamal isn’t only good enough, right?

The slightest criticism I’m concern about is its flow of editing. Sometimes, it runs in the right speed but most of the time, it’s fast.

Never mind. I’m still addicted no matter what. Can’t wait for Season 2!

Bring it on, Jack TV.