Nole “The Djoker” Imitates John McEnroe

Found the link in Twitter and yeah, it was a fun watching it. Novak Djokovic reunites with his clown personality and imitates the American “serve-and-volley leftie” John McEnroe right at the center of Arthur Ashe Stadium. As you remember, John McEnroe won US Open three times in a row (1979, 1980, 1981) and in the year I was born (1984), McEnroe defeated Ivan Lendl of Czechoslovakia in straight sets.

Today (2009), it’s Novak Djokovic’s turn to copy his behavior. LOL!!!!

Other funny imitation videos of Novak Djokovic I found in YouTube.

“Nole impersonating service motions of Pete Sampras and Goran Ivanisevic”

Nole is now Rafa Nadal, the best clay court player as of the moment.

Thanks Novak Djokovic for making tennis the sport of the smart and the cool! This Australian Open 2008 Champion is not only a smart all-court-player who ranks number 4 in the world (as of this writing) but also the DJOKER who can put the whole stadium in loud guffaws.

And, he’s also the sweet lover of Jelena. Lucky man!


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