SurvivorDean Best Five (August 2011)

5) Best Thing I Never Had – Beyonce

When Beyonce is coming out with a new album, one of her releases is a hit to me. Back in B’day, Ne-yo came up with a masterpiece that only Beyonce can sing. In 2008, she made sure every man understand what a girl really thinks and feels. Today, Beyonce asks for some help with Babyface and, the result is a ray of delight. Listen to this song and I assure you it doesn’t suck at all –

4) Looking for Love – P. Diddy ft. Usher

It’s amazing to hear P. Diddy and Usher in one song again. They were together in “I Need A Girl (Part 1)” in 2002. Nine years later, they are back and hand-in-hand, they are smashing another dope duo. Ideed, this is one of the bests in the Hip-Hop World. I just wonder why it did not make great in R&B Billboard.

3) Rolling in the Deep – Adele

The first I heard this song in YouTube, it immediately made a powerful buzz inside my head. This is the type of song that’s hard not to like and believe me when I say – it keeps rolling deep until you memorize every line.

2) The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Staying at number two is the The Lazy Song and proves to be the fun, cool and the Mr. dugie hit of 2011.

(1) Sure Thing – Miguel

This is my number one song for three months now and still can’t get over it. It’s getting cooler and cooler as I listen to it all over again. Its music video is dope but its lyrics is doper. Agree or not, this is certainly the sure thing and there’s no doubt in my mind it’s also the best.

Hey Mr. Gammys, if you’re listening, how about an award for Miguel as Best New Artist?

Let me know what you think

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