SurvivorDean Top 5 (November 2010)

I got some changes for this month. What is it?

Let’s get started to find out.

From number four last month, it’s down a notch this month. It’s Tank’s SEX MUSIC.

New entry at number four is Ne-yo. His fourth studio album will be released on November 22, 2010 and it’s called LibraScale. ONE IN A MILLION got what it takes folks! That smooth vibe and the swag that I want to hear from the gentleman. This is the exact way he should rock the boat.

“Girl you’re so one in a million, You are, Baby you’re the best I ever had, Best I ever had And I’m certain that, There ain’t nothing better, No there ain’t nothing better than this.”

And did I say it’s already number 27 in US Billboard’s R&B Charts (The week of November 13)?


3) Eminem featuring Rihanna remains unshakable with LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE and this song could be a big contender in Grammy Awards 2011. We’ll see!

If this list is a tennis match, the difference between my top two songs is just One Point. Usher is my new number two after a 13-week dominance at the top spot from nowhere. Loving everything about this song and here it is THERE GOES MY BABY.

Trey Songz has scored another new number one song in my mini-countdown. He’s here before with “I Invented sex” and “Neighbors know my Name.” Now he’s back with a new album [Passion, Pain & Pleasure] and a new masterpiece CAN’T BE FRIENDS written by Mario Winans.

“And I Wish I Never Fell So Deep In Love With You And Now There Aint No Way That We Can Be Friends.”

The music video is compared with Usher’s Confessions Part 2 due to its similar concept and similar sequence of events. Folks, you’ll be the judge and tell me who’s better.

Let me know what you think

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