SurvivorDean Best Five (January-February 2011)

New year, new songs, let me start new!

5) LOVE AL OVER ME – Monica

4) A new sound by Chris Brown and this time around, he is with Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne. Chris encourages everyone to “LOOK AT ME NOW.”

3) I am quite surprised Ne-yo has not reached the Top 10 of US R&B Billboard Chart with ONE IN A MILLION. What’s the matter?

2) El DeBarge is back and I am glad he survived all the rough edges he has experienced in life. He was nominated in Grammy Awards for Best R&B Male Vocal Performance for SECOND CHANCE but got beaten by Usher’s There Goes My Baby. That’s OK El.

1) New year, new number one song but of the same artist who closed the 2010 with Can’t Be Friends. Who is he? It’s Trey Songz. His third single from Pain, Passion, Pleasure gets a lot of attention in US Billboard R&B Chart because “tonight will be making LOVE FACES.”

Let me know what you think

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