Survivor Insights 169: Kaoh Rong – My First Impression Favorites

Until now, I couldn’t get over with Second Chance. It’s a great season but with a doubtful finale.

I was rooting for Tasha to win. Spencer, however, deserved the title more for three crystal-clear reasons.

Spencer Bledsoe
“Arrogance is a mask for insecurity.”

Reason 1:

He’s not my favorite but his game strategy in each episode grew in me. He’s one hardworking dude who survived a possible blindside more than once.

Reason 2:

Spencer was a more memorable character not because of his life outside the game but because of the way he managed himself while playing the game.

The jury must have forgotten to notice that. I understood the reason why they voted for Jeremy who is a father with three children. What I didn’t get is none voted for Spencer who played a more strategic game without getting too comfortable.

Reason 3:

It’s Spencer who took the biggest risk to blindside the threat – Stephen Fishbach. I hated that episode. I wanted Stephen to win. Yet, I realized that’s something Spencer must be credited with.

I have nothing against Jeremy. I rooted for him way back in San Juan Del Sur. It’s just that someone outwitted and outplayed better than him.

Spencer couldn’t only outlasted Jeremy due to jury votes.


Life goes on as they say.

So, a new season premiered two days ago. Thank you Jack TV for airing a live episode here in the Philippines!!!

With Darnell Hamilton exiting the game so early, I have five favorites left.

Brain Tribe: Chan Loh


Peter Baggenstos, 34, Minneapolis MN

Peter works as an ER Doctor with multinational citizenship. He considers himself as a smart and capable person who can talk with anyone.

He believes he’s good with words, that even a pointless conversation, he can handle it effectively.

He adores Pete Yurkowski from Survivor Philippines – for the way he expressed himself “intelligently” and for the way he stirred the game.

In Episode 1, Peter was nicknamed as Barack Obama. They said he looked like one. The biggest question now, is he smart enough, like Obama, to stay longer without being labeled as a threat?

Elisabeth Markham, 27, New York NY

Elisabeth works as a quantitative strategist. That alone makes her a stand-out in the group.

No need to doubt, Liz appears to be a smart and analytical person who can immediately use her charm to side with the right people.

The reason that she adores Parvati Shallow (Survivor Cook Islands, Survivor Micronesia, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains) before joining the show, it seems fair to say she thoroughly studied her social and strategic game in three different seasons.

Liz was best remembered as a receptive person in Episode 1. She empathized and she showed concern.

In real life, Liz wrote computer programs to predict stock fluctuations. In Survivor, how will she create a program that requires a lot of rebooting?

Brawn Tribe: To Tang

Jennifer Lanzetti, 38, Salt Lake City UT

Jennifer works as a contractor who survived challenges, trials and tribulations outside the game (endometriosis, drug addiction, cancer).

She considers herself as a hardworking bad-ass chick. She loves to cook; therefore, that makes her a likeable person to be around.


She adores Kim Spradlin (Survivor One World). To her, Kim was a complete social strategist who didn’t rely on alliances. She also created sub-alliances moving forward.

Jennifer appeared as competitive person in Episode 1. She’s best remembered as someone who suffered a bad ear problem.

Thank God, the little maggot thing showed up and was removed.

Beauty Tribe: Gondol


Anna Khait, 26, Brooklyn NY

Anna works as a professional poker player who describes herself as loyal, kind-hearted and perfectionist.

She’s a big fan of the show and she’s all set to use what she learned from watching the game.

She adores Parvati Shallow (Survivor Cook Islands, Survivor Micronesia, Survivor Heroes vs. Villains); therefore, there’s something revealing in Anna that is waiting to unfold.

Unfortunately, she received a small portion of the edit in Episode 1. I barely remembered her. I saw her playing the immunity challenge like a gorgeous rockstar but nothing special before and after that.

Based on her profile, Anna will do what it takes to stay longer, and curiously, how will she use her knowledge and experiences in poker to outwit, outplay and outlast 17 other strangers?

Nick Maiorano, 30, Redondo Beach CA

Nick works as a personal trainer who loves to write and manage his web projects.

He highly regards himself when he mentions “I’m my own hero…” in his profile. He believes his charm, athleticism and ability to manipulate people will help him win the season.

Nick was given an edit who appeared as a hardworking but arrogant person. How will he change his reputation and safely move forward is the question yet to be answered.

Photos Courtesy of: CBS

My Top 5 022016

No one cares about this countdown but me.

5) Hello – Adele

Hello from the other side | I must have called a thousand times | To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done | But when I call you never seem to be home | Hello from the outside | At least I can say that I’ve tried | To tell you I’m sorry for breaking your heart | But it don’t matter. It clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore (AZ Lyrics)

4) Let The Games Begin – Aloe Blacc

This is the moment of a lifetime | Made it through the dark; now it’s time to let your light shine | When the story could end, the glory and it’s yours to choose | When the stakes are high and you know you’ve got so much to lose | Then it all becomes very clear | You were born to be here | Let the games begin | Let the best one win (Genius)

3) WTF (Where They From) – Missy Elliot ft. Pharrel

The dance that you doing is dumb | How they do where you from | Stickin’ out your tongue girl | But you know you’re too young | A bunch of girls do it and the shit looks fun | That’s how they do it where we from | You know it don’t start till one | That’s how they do it where they from (AZ Lyrics)

2) No Time For It – Fantasia Barrino

There’s no time for it | You wanna tell me how it is | But there’s no time for it | You wanna tell me how you feel | But there’s no time for it | Do you thing, get your change | By the way don’t you think I’mma care ’cause I’m not | Got my mind on my money | And the hate don’t really matter, nah | There’s no time for it | Oh-oh, there’s no time for it | No time, no time, no time (Direct Lyrics)

1) Chains – Usher ft. Nas & Bibi Bourelly

You act like the change | Tryna throw me in chains | Don’t act like you saving us | It’s still the same | Man don’t act like I made it up
You blaming us | Let’s keep it one hundred | You gave the name to us