SurvivorDean’s 2009 Year-End Countdown

At last, I now have my year-end countdown. Unlike last year, I have 25 songs in my countdown. Now, there are only fifteen, that includes my only five or six number ones this 2009.

Let’s see if they all made it on top.

15) The comeback of the diva and Alicia Keys co-wrote this song. This is the MILLION BABY BILL by Whitney Houston.

14) Ciara is back with a blow and she needs the help of Mr. N’Sync himself, Justin Timberlake. The result– there is LOVE SEX AND MAGIC.

13) After a big hit in 2008 with Lollipop, Lil’ Wayne is not leaving my hitlist with nothing. He’s here and he’s with Booby Valentino and Kidd Kidd with their MRS. OFFICER.

12) Jennifer Hudson is one of the big names of 2009. She released her debut album and boom, it won as the Grammy’s 2009 Best R&B Album of the Year. First time I heard this song, I seem to realize IF THIS AIN’T LOVE, what’s this I feel for her?

11) Happy that Ginuwine is back and with a classy soul. All in all, this man did good in saying his LAST CHANCE.

10) Alicia Keys is beautiful no need to doubt about that. Like her, her music embraces me. Every time I listen to it, I can just feel a deep release from the pains of my yesterday. Life DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING without Alicia!

9) Jeremih, I don’t know this guy well and yeah, confidence is the key to every thing you do and you know what, Jeremih has the song to match his groove. Have you tried BIRTHDAY SEX?

At 8, Maxwell is hot in the music billboard. His PRETTY WINGS tops the R&B Billboard for fourteen consecutive weeks. How awesome is that? And for that, PRETTY WINGS is nominated for Song of the Year in Grammy 2010.

7) Black Eyed Peas reunite and they are really back on board with their lively BOOM BOOM POW.

6) BREAK-UP is one of the surprising hit of 2009 because Mario has successfully added it with the spins that is exactly what a hip-hop act should be. This is the bomb!

5) Neyo taught us an important lesson about marriage with his single, MAD. Upon the release of YOTG, MAD is one of first recognizable songs due to its suave feel and powerful message.

4) Just that great, Usher has gone deep with his newest song which is entitled PAPERS and this is the reason why he is at number four in my chart.

3) Musiq Soulchild has proven he’s all worth the praise. With Mary J. Blige alongside, IF U LEAVE is a massive hit to me personally.

2) Trey Songs became a household name to me when I heard him say “I INVENTED SEX.”

And the number 1, the first rap song ever to top my chart. Delivering the most powerful message of freedom, life and moving on. The duo performed the song in 2009 Grammys and geez, that was electrifying!

TI featuring Justin Timberlake made it through with:


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