SurvivorDean Best 5 (November 2011)

5) I’m on One – DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

4) Can’t Get Enough – J. Cole ft. Trey Songz (NEW)

Amazing duo, cool song and you can listen to it all over again without feeling sore.

3) Promise – Romeo Santos ft. Usher (NEW)

This is my first time to hear Usher with a Latin R&B artist and to be honest, this is the type of R&B I’m always digging to. So mild to the ears!

2) Anything (To Find You) – Monica (NEW)

Monica will be back with a brand new album on February 2012 and as the buzz single, she’s bringing back what the 90’s HipHop R&B sounded like.

(1) Stitch by Stitch – Javier Colon

Javier Colon just released his first studio album on November 22 after winning The Voice. It is entitled “Come Through For You.” Just wondering why Stitch by Stitch is not included in the official list of singles.

Let me know what you think

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