Survivor Insights 64: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Wasteful Play

After JT’s departure, the Heroes continued to play a game that is on a down hill. Amanda was voted out. Rupert was looking at one side of the puzzle and wanted Russel gone (which seems impossible at the moment). Candice decided to betray her tribe and the biggest wrong turn, Colby decided to return the hidden immunity idol to Danielle who had a catfight with Amanda.

What they were thinking? This was not a GMRC class. Why they (the Heroes) were playing like they were in the first grade?

Jeff Probst says: “My call would have been to have them “work it out” which probably would have resulted in all three of them sharing it together.  That’s definitely what I would have said if I had been Amanda or Colby, “Let’s work it out together.”  I would never have let Danielle walk away with it by herself.  Never.”

The Game’s Fluidity

Given fact. Sandra attempted to switch side, just what I have predicted, and continued to flirt with risky choices. What amazed me most is Sandra’s Tell- Me-Who-You-Want-Out strategy was still working even it’s too easy to break. Did it work on Rupert? Not yet realized, and only time knows when the two will work together. Just because, she and Rupert belong in the same season.

Did it work on Candice? Yes/No. Sandra felt Candice was walking on water and Sandra knew that Candice would stay loyal to Russel. For that, Sandra took a detour. Instead of going against Candice, Sandra went side-by-side with her and voted against Amanda.

I am not sure if this strategy is as powerful as Russel or Parv’s but as I see it, it’s the “only” strategy that was going in the right direction.

Here are the three reasons why:

1) Russel played the hidden idol was simply a waste. The King of SURVIVOR was once again outclassed by the three remaining Heroes. (strategy did not work!)

2) Parvati was left with nothing. Russel could have protected her with the idol but it seems that, the two was not running in the same track. (strategy failed!)

3) Danielle found the clue for another hidden idol but nearly lost it during a catfight with Amanda. Amanda returned it back to her (following Colby’s order) but Danielle was outsmart by Russel during the search. (strategy failed!)

The Immunity Challenge: House of Cards

Jerri won the challenge of Season’s 17’s final four final immunity challenge. Her ever-first victory on individual immunity challenge. Kudos for all her hard work and for not screwing her alliance after.

Another crazy episode to look forward.

Jeff Probst says: “Next week is a biggee.  Two immunity challenges.  Two tribal councils.  Two people gone.”

(Oh Geez!)

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