Bodybuilding Supplements, Anyone?

Mr. Donaldson asks his students what they think are the ten popular bodybuilding supplements in the market. The man works as a fitness instructor for four years and he does believe anybody needs help. Oftentimes, people simply needs to change their coach-potato lifestyle in order to fulfill the Baywatch Look they want.

To him, the secret key to looking good is to train hard, eat the right type of food and by all means, they need to invest food supplements to amplify their body development.

Bob raises his hand and answers, “No doubt, it’s the “Optimum 100% Whey Protein

“For four years since 2005, this product has been called as one of the outstanding powdered supplements of the year.”

“That’s right!” Mr. Donaldson exclaimed. ”You know why? Due of its taste.”

“Yes sir, Whey Protein comes in sixteen flavors including banana cream, caramel toffee fudge, chocolate malt or mint, double rich chocolate, cookies & cream, delicious strawberry,” Bob paused. “Extreme milk chocolate, French vanilla crème, orange cream, mocha cappuccino, rocky road, strawberry banana, root beer, tropical punch and of course, the vanilla ice cream.”

“Good work. Anything you want to share?”

“Yes,” Bob answered. Apart from its incredible propriety blends namely HydroWhey Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides, Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolates Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolates and Ultrafiltered Whey Protein Concentrate— just a scoop of this Whey Protein, it removes those unnecessary fats, unsaturated fats, and unwanted carbs are washed away from your system.”

“Those are great facts, Bob!” Mr. Donaldson said. “How about other food supplement? Anyone?”

Richard raised his hand and answered, “CytoSport Muscle Milk.”

“What does it do?” Mr. Donaldson asked.

“Ideal for dropping weight and Muscle Milk is perceived as the premier product to be formulated with human mother’s milk. It consists of special fats, complex ratio of proteins, peptides and amino acids that promote better processes of metabolism and replication of fast tissue growth, helping you to become a healthier person.”

“One great thing about Muscle Milk, the way to attaining the best physique is faster in just two scoops.” Richard added with a smile.

“That’s an excellent job, Richard!”

Mario stood up and said, “I think taste is unquestionably a big part and parcel in sales of a food supplement and what fitter formula others have compared to Gaspari’s MyoFusion.”

The whole class agreed to him.

“Whoever you are; either you’re a fitness instructor, a contender or a schoolchild who wants to increase his self-image, this is the day-in/day-out drink to choose.”

Mario continued. “MyoFusion promises you the taste of enjoyment in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. Its capability to boost the level of amino acids in your bloodstream makes hours within doors of the gym a pleasant experience you can’t deny.”

“MyoFusion really rocks, right Mario?” Mr. Donaldson winked at him. “When I was twenty, I used MyoFusion for a year.”

But someone volunteered to give his nice suggestion to Mr. Donaldson.

“Sir, my uncle was one of marketing consultants of BSN and he always tells me that for people with hectic schedules, like you, need the help of Syntha-6.” Neo said. “The Syntha-6 is referred to as the multifunctional food alternative. With its various blend, Syntha-6 is loaded with glutamine peptides for flesh sparring, aminogen for light digestion, normal chains of triglycerides for healthier heart and main fatty acids for breakneck tissue development.”

“Perhaps, I should try that one. Let me contact your uncle later.” Mr. Donaldson commented.

“No problem, sir.”

“This morning, I was researching about Optimum 100% Casein Protein and studies reveal, its pH sensitive and highly anti-catabolic micellar casein, protein absorption is surely a get-go.” Mr. Donaldson explained. “Truth is; due to its slow-absorbing effects, more bodybuilders choose to take Casein in time intervals, especially before going to bed, giving the amino acids a full seven hours of blast, do you agree?”

The whole class answered yes but Martin has a different idea.

“I’m not an expert in food supplement but I decided to go for one and tried SizeOn.” He paused and cleared his throat. “I’m a hardgainer but with just one scoop with 16-20 oz in cold water or juice of Sizeon, it rewards you the appreciable amazing results immediately.”

“Can you just imagine your muscles become thicker and stronger in two days? How about comparing your level of endurance to the undefeatable athlete you are dreaming of like Rafael Nadal, perhaps? Do you regularly wish your pursuance in aerobics/anaerobic training is in its full briskness?”

“No, I prefer Federer.” Neo interrupted and smiled.

“Yeah, Nadal or Federer, it doesn’t matter. What matters most; all those aspects I’ve mentioned are obtainable with SizeOn.”

“That’s cool!” the whole class agreed.

“Truly an ideal partner while inside the gym, the SizeOn is probably the maxi mass tiger. Based on my research, it comes in three super flavors– Grape Blast, Wild Berry Punch and Arctic Lemon Ice.” Mr. Donaldson added.

Martin nodded.

“Anything else, Martin, you seem to have done your assignment well.”

“Yes, I also have experienced using CytoSport Cyto Gainer, which you have recommended couple of years ago.” Martin’s referring to Mr. Donaldson.

Mr. Donaldson smiled.

“Looking pump is a big achievement every skinny man out there.” Martin continued. “Believe it when I say, gaining weight is no sweat with Cyto Gainer. When you merge Cyto Gainer in your diet focusing on strength workout, those glutamine-rich peptides immediately enhance your digestion to your bloodstream and hours later; the magic is done. It results to having chisel muscles in your arms, in your back and in your abs.”

“But I’m curious why are you now using SizeOn?”

Martin laughed. “Because you told me so, remember?”

“Yeah, I was perhaps getting older to forget that.” Mr. Donaldson said with a sigh.

“But I’ll keep you posted bout the switch when I experienced some effects out of ordinary.”

“Please do.” Mr. Donaldson agreed.

“I’ve got something to share too.” Mike said.

“What is it Mike?”

“Perhaps, you may have forgotten the Optimum BCAA— known for its amino acids, the building blocks of protein.”

“I’m familiar with that. Tell us something about it.” Mr. Donaldson said.

“BCAA stands for Branched Chained Amino Acids and it consists of three chains: L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine.” Mike smiled, adjusting his eyeglass. “Recent studies show uniform consumption of BCAA stops muscle breakdowns and supports your flesh structure process.”

“Sounds great!”

“Hundred percent,” Mike agreed. And there’s also the MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore. This is way different from BCAA. Hydroxycut is used by various bodybuilding pros namely Jay Cutler, Gustavo Badell and David Henry to name a few and this product is remarkably the most competent fat burner in the world. The one with the top-notch sports menu made by Dr. Marvin Heuer, trimming, shaping and training is an outbreak with Hydroxycut Hardcore. Transformation definitely brings your life to other chapter beyond your flight of fancy.”

“Awesome facts you’ve got Mike.” Mr. Donaldson remarked. “How many hours you have spent to memorize all those details including the names?”

“Just thirty minutes,” Mike answered comically. “I was on the whole night and I was reading various supplements I think I should buy.”

“Going for BCAA or Hydroxycut?”

“I go for BCAA.” Mike answered without any traces of doubts in his face. “Its nutritional contents suit me for now. Perhaps when the right time comes to join competitions nine to ten from now, Hydroxycut is a must-try.”

“Why wait for ten years when you can join now? You’re all shredded now, Mike.”

“I’ve got some priorities to take.” Mike answered. “I’m only nineteen and still got four semesters to focus. My dad would surely kill me if I can’t graduate.”

“Good son.” Mr. Donaldson commented. “And to wrap this discussion, have you heard of SP 250?”

The whole class answered yes.

“Right! It’s the Gaspari Nutrition’s gem. With results and findings resulting 947% increase in whole-body mass, 234% increase in muscle performance and 25.5% increase in the arms, the Super Pump 250 is surely spreading like a disease in the public eye. My co-instructors tried it and experienced lesser side effects.”

“Wow!” Bob commented.

“Perhaps, the food supplement was on fire. What more can you ask for with Super Pump 250?” Martin asked.

“Just super strength and like what you all said— the desire to get into the best shape.” Mr. Donaldson concludes.

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