Emotional Ivanovic, Ousted US Open 2009 First Round

TENNIS-OPEN/After reading Josh Peter’s Ivanovic’s still more than a pretty face and US Open 2009 after-match interview, I realize Ana Ivanovic must not be too involved with Freudian Psychology. Freud’s psychology was great but it has many intricacies, especially when he linked sex to dreams. I suggest she reads Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Studying Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs makes me realize Ivanovic’s main problem is her confidence and esteem.

If she claims to be perfectionist, that troubles her a lot. I am aware her serves are inconsistent (right timing not there oftentimes) and Darren Cahill and Sven Groenveld can do something about it. What these coaches can’t 70% solve is Ana Ivanovic’s confidence during the match. The feeling is totally different in a big stadium, yes, but how come the likes of Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams and Roger Federer survive a scare and Ana can’t?

usopen2009rafaAna Ivanovic is not Rafa. Men in Spain and women in Serbia are two different beings but both of them are already professional tennis players. To them, playing tennis is 60-40 mental game. Rafael Nadal is mentally tough, his insights during interviews are sharp, he’s not too ideal and he’s not too despondent.

Ana Ivanovic survived a scare in 2009 Roland Garros and Wimbledon first rounds. These grand slams are played in two different surfaces but today, I kept wondering why Ana can’t make a repeat in Hardcourt Slam, she didn’t survive the scare considering she swept Kataryna Bondarenko in the first set, 6-2.

Ana Ivanovic is an instinctual player but her mental toughness and emotions trouble her during the final set and that’s probably the reason why she lose her focus.

I can’t 100% blame her for losing. Since winning the Roland Garros 2008 against Dinara Safina, Ana Ivanovic became my tennis babe and I am sticking my word to it. What she needs now is:

Ana Ivanovic has to stop being too hard on herself and start to take things easy, most importantly, just be confident at every point, at every game and at every set of the match until she wins the grand prize.

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