Survivor Insights 57: Survivor Heroes vs Villains- Everybody Needs JT

Russel Finds Hidden Immunity

Once again, Villains won back-to-back challenges. GREAT! That means one thing, there’s more time given to Russel to cement his alliance with Parvati and Coach. What I could not understand until now is, why Russel was still targeting Boston Rob? Was Russel really that scared of him? Or was it purely a strategic move because he knew Boston Rob can cut his throat immediately once they make the merge?

Rob against Russel; Rob vs Russel— may the better strategist wins. I have nothing to dislike about these two. They’re both have sharp understanding of the game and there’s certainly a blizzard of interesting arguments once these two clash at the Tribal Council.

Everybody Needs JT

On the Heroes tribe, JT was the one to beat. JT was all over the angles of planning and scheming. I don’t call it the dumbest vote to oust Tom. Tom was a big threat from the start. He found the hidden idol last week, played it and now, he was again vulnerable. It’s simply the right time for Amanda, Rupert, James, Candice and JT to vote him out.

What worried me most was the impact this strategy it can have on JT. What’s really in JT that everyone needs him now? Last week, JT joined forces with Colby and Tom to blinside Cirie, who was the puppetmaster of the tribe. Two big kudos for JT for that certain decision. This episode, we saw the JT crawling on the other side of the line.

I know they only use one another for the numbers and it’s a scene to see the “flexibility” in JT and was playing the social game as it should be. Just hoping those two towering hills (One led by Colby and the other by Amanda) will not collapse on JT who was standing right in the middle. If that happens, his power to cross bridges is completely vanished.

Ousting Tom was a give away. The fans saw it coming and this vote may make or break them in the next challenges considering James is injured.

Episode 5: Immunity Challenge

Another unbelievable victory for the Villians without the help of Tyson and Danielle. Heroes was in a big lead but they once again blew it. I wonder what were they thinking when it comes to joining those solid blocks together.

Next week on… SURVIVOR

Jeff Probst blogs,

“Due to the NCAA college basketball tournament, SURVIVOR WILL NOT BE ON NEXT WEEK!”

NEW Episode of Survivor HvV will air on Wednesday, March 24 after that, it’s back on regular time slot starting April.

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